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Stories about fatherhood told by the Rookie Dad.

An Incident at School and Thomas & Friends: Encouraging Kids To Global Citizens

It took an incident at my son's school for me to remember the impact that Thomas & Friends had on my life growing up and to see what the #1 is doing to encourage kids to become a global citizen.

The Day A Starbucks Barista Gave Me A Second Shot

Even on the worst days of parenting, when it feels like the world is stacked up against us, sometimes all we need is to be given a second shot to see things differently.

How Having A Favorite Kid Made Me A Better Parent

On the outside, it appears as though I have a favorite kid. But when you look deeper into it, it isn't so much as a favorite kid, but more of a second chance.
Group of Dads at Dad 2.0 Summit

How One Man And The Dad 2.0 Summit Changed My Life

I didn't understand how the person responsible for me attending the Dad 2.0 Summit would change my life... forever.
Fatherhood Statement of Purpose

My Fatherhood Statement of Purpose

When it comes to being a dad, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After the birth of our second, I created my fatherhood statement of purpose.



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