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Stories about fatherhood told by the Rookie Dad.

Why I Am Quick To Say I’m Sorry To My Son

“PLEASE GET YOUR SHOES ON! I’ve asked you five times, and if you don’t get them on RIGHT NOW, I’m leaving you home alone by yourself!” It seems like those...
Seeing Our Kids Grow Up Right Beofer Our Eyes

Seeing Our Kids Grow Up Right Before Our Eyes

It seems as though our kids grow up right before our eyes. Sometimes though it takes us leaving for a few days to realize just how quickly they are growing up.

The Aches and Pains Associated with Fatherhood

The older I get, the more aches and pains I have that are associated with it, but those aches and pains also serve as a reminder of the joys of fatherhood.

Why You Should Start Owning Being A Dad… NOW!

It isn't easy calling yourself a dad, but not everyone can call themselves one. You need to start owning being a dad, and you need to start doing that NOW!

How Russell Athletic’s Fusion Knit Is Helping My Dad Bod

It's never easy to find the motivation to run when the temperatures drop, but Russell Athletic has made it easy for dads to stay warm when working on their dad bod.

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