Daddy Won’t Listen

Let’s go to Sonic! It is after eight you know! For those who do not know Sonic has half priced shakes after 8pm. Is a phrase that is uttered in our household quite a bit. It is typically a way for Hot Mama to have a moment of escape. We let the Kid run free […]

Failure to be a Man

Taking a look back at this past week and looking at the many failures I committed (if that is the right word) there is one that came to me yesterday after having a conversation with a Twitter friend whom I have never met and is going through something very similar. I have failed being a […]

Time vs. Blog

Lately, I feel like there is just not enough time. It is not a result of the Kid though. Many parents of an 18 month old would blame it on them but I can not do that to him now. I can only put the blame on myself. Now that I am working 9-5 when […]

Daddy Wake Up!

Wake Up - The Rookie Dad

It has been a long day and I am tired. I tell Hot Mama that I am going to hit the hay and walk into the bedroom. I see what appears to be a huge pile of clothes on the bed that have yet to be folded. This has become a normal thing, it has […]

Milk, Milk, Milk!

6:15am the alarm clock goes off. I reach over and hit the snooze button, it does not stop the first time I hit the annoying device. I proceed to hit it once more still does not stop. I come up out of bed and reach over to throw the alarm clock across the room but […]