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Letters To My Sons

Occasional, there are stories that I want to tell the Rookie directly and right a letter to the Rookie seems more appropriate.

A Letter To My Son On His First Birthday

The first year of you life has been an awesome ride. It has been fun being your dad through this first year. Here is to many more!
letter to my son

A Letter To My Son: You Are The Author of Your Life

The older that my youngest son gets, he is starting to write his own story and it is my hope that he does not let someone else write his story for him.

A Letter To My Son On His First Day Of School

It was 5 years in the making but it is here, my son's first day of school. My only hope for him during school is that he doesn't become me.

An Open Letter To My Son On The Eve Of Becoming A Big Brother

Son, you are going to make an incredible big brother. I have no doubt even though in the beginning things might not feel like it.

An Open Letter To My Unborn Son

Our son isn't even born yet and he is one of the many reasons why I want him to know what kind of dad I plan on being and that I won't stop trying to be a better parent.

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