Slowing Life Down and Remembering How It All Started

Life sometimes feels like we are going 110mph down the highway and we forget the importance of slowing it down and reconnected with how it all started.

How One Night Changed How I Store My Cleaning Products

All it took was one trip into our basement storage room for me to understand why we need to store our liquid laundry packets up and out of reach of our children.

The Start Of Something From Nothing

11 years ago I started out on a new venture in life. Freshly graduated from college, I decided to move to a city I had only visited less than...
Live to the Full

What It Means For Me To Live To The Full: And How That’s Changed...

What it means to Live to the Full has changed from the years I spent playing basketball in my driveway to seeing my kid play basketball in our driveway, recreating the same moments that I created myself.
Get After It

The How And Why This Is The Year I Get After It

This is the year that I get after it. Not only in my personal life as a father but as a professional and online content creator. This will be my year.

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