James Avery Jewelry

James Avery Jewelry: The Gift With Special Meaning This Christmas

This year, James Avery has made it easy for this husband who puts too much pressure on himself to find the right piece of jewelry to give his wife.

How To Make A Meal In The 30 Minutes Before Mom Gets Home

When you have busy weeknights, sometimes it is crucial to know how to make a meal in 30 minutes before mom gets home.
The Connected Family

The Connected Family: The Struggle is Real

Being a connected family in today's age of smartphones is vital. Not only that but it makes being part of a family easier than ever.
Niko and Sword of Light

Amazon’s New Show Niko and The Sword of Light: The Summer Boredom Cure

Summer is a difficult time to keep school age children entertained. Amazon has made it easier this summer with their new kids series Niko and the Sword of Light.

Coffee and the Beginning Of One Great Relationship

Meeting at the coffee shop was sometimes the only way that my wife and I would get any way of spending time together.

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