Parenting: As Much An Individual As A Team Sport

It is very easy to think that you are in it all alone when you are parenting your children. But what is easy to forget is that parenting is a team sport as much as it is an individual sport.

The Parallels of Baseball and Parenting

Baseball and parenting are not all that different. There will be days when you feel like you strike out as a parent, but then there will be times you feel like you hit a home run.
Live to the Full

What It Means For Me To Live To The Full: And How That’s Changed...

What it means to Live to the Full has changed from the years I spent playing basketball in my driveway to seeing my kid play basketball in our driveway, recreating the same moments that I created myself.
Father Son Memory

Two Baseballs: One Special Father Son Memory

One foul ball caught in 1996 is helping a father and a son share a memory in 2017 after his son gets his own foul ball.

Why I Am Encouraging My Son To Fill Out A NCAA Tournament Bracket

Some of the fondest memories that I have from my childhood are from the March’s that my dad and I would spend on the couch, looking over RPI rankings and digging through stats to figure out our brackets.



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