Why The Parents Of Two Kids Would Track Their Sleep

Is it possible for parents to get better sleep through tracking how poorly they do sleep?

600 Blog Posts Later: How Blogging Has Made Me A Better…

After 600 blog posts, I looking withing myself to see how blogging has made a better parent, person, writer and husband.
Highway - The Rookie Dad

Life Is A Highway

It is amazing to see where the highway of life will take you. Even encountering just a bump in the road, while it hurts, can end up being something that is even better than you had anticipated.
Apps for Dads - The Rookie Dad

Useful Apps for Dads

Becoming head of the family is no joke. Being a father doesn’t only mean supporting your wife and kids’ daily needs but also doing work that involves a lot...

What The Future Holds

I sit here writing this wondering, what does the future hold.  No, not about my family, or if the Kansas City Royals will win the World Series or not....



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