Going Back to Work

It’s strange to think that I am now back to work while I’ve been at home for nearly 3 weeks able to take care of our little one.   Sometimes I even wonder if there is a job out there where I can earn money at home (that is ligament) so that I can take care of William all the time.  I have nothing against my job know… I am very thankful to even have a job in this economy. I enjoy spending the time that I do get to spend with him.  Seeing him start to smile and look at me is just an incredible feeling.  Now I am missing part of his life and his everyday happenings.  I feel for my wife because she is at home taking care of him all the time without any help.

I know how frustrating it is when he is crying and we don’t know what is wrong but we are able to hand him off to one another and generally one of us is able to calm him down.  Now she won’t be able to just pass him off to anyone.  That sounds bad… but I’m sure many dad’s know what I mean.  We don’t want to just pass our kids off to other people but sometimes we need to in order to keep our sanity… and that goes for mom’s also.

My wife is strong and I know that she will do just fine.

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