It was only 6 months ago that we moved. Has it been that long? We moved from a house that was only a decade old to one that was pushing 40 years old. We knew going in that there were going to be some issues with it.

Our realtor did a few things to protect us, like making sure that we had a home warranty. Which we have already used to help repair the dishwasher. And for any future home owner or any home owner let me give you this advise, don’t go to YouTube to figure out how to fix a problem. It will just make matters worse.

But there were things that our realtor couldn’t do, and that was make sure that our house was as energy-efficient as we made our other house to be. We had put a lot of money into putting LEDs into each light and switching out faucets for low-flow faucets when we needed to get new ones.

It isn’t that we are an environmentally friendly household, but we see the energy savings by going green in certain areas of the home. It was easy to look at our old home and see just what we had done, as mentioned above, but we didn’t know what the previous home owners had done to be green. In fact, it wasn’t in until I started to look around the home that I realized that they weren’t that environmentally conscious. Maybe that isn’t your cup of tea and that’s fine.

But it wasn’t until I took a HomeSelfe that I realized just how much we could save by doing certain things around the house. The latest craze is to make sure that you do a energy audit of your home. Which can get expensive. When I discovered this free app, I realized that it wasn’t going to be that bad.

I walked around our home, from room to room, looking at if things were energy star rated, the types of lights, and whatever insulation I could find. And come to find out, if you look at our report from HomeSelfe, you’ll see that we were rated “Good”. However, I’m not one to stop there. I want to be rated excellent. It’s the competitor coming out in me. So I dug deeper into our report to find out the things that we could do to get better.

HomeSelfe Report

Come to find out, the things that we could do are things that are already on the 10 year list of things to do to our new home. Get a new hot water heater (which is over 20 years old) and get new windows (which some don’t even open).

We knew that those things were going to be things that we were going to do but it wasn’t until we saw the nearly $400 in annual savings that we started to think twice about it.

The great thing about HomeSelfe, is that it is free on your phone. Just create an account, and go through your house answering the questions it asks you about each room. Some of the things that you find may surprise you, like needing a bit more insulation in our attic.

Normally, you would spend close to few hundred dollars on an energy audit, but when you can get HomeSelfe for free and find out the areas you could be saving on your energy bills, you would regret not doing this. You’ll see the saving not only immediately when you don’t need to hire someone to check out your home but you’ll see the savings on your energy bills down the road when you make the improvements to your home that HomeSelfe recommends.

If trying out HomeSelfe even seems halfway intriguing, maybe this will help entice you. HomeSelfe is giving away 4 $250 gift cards! Just sign up for your Homeselfe before March 31st to be entered to win.

Full Disclosure: The Rookie Dad was compensated for this review, however the thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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