I don’t even know how to start. In fact, I had this post nearly complete and somehow, the contents of it were deleted and synced in my Evernote so I couldn’t go back and refresh it with the version I was working on.

I was connecting my morning commute on the highway to our life and all the exits that I could take that would change our lives.

It was going to be great. I’m not going to say that it would have been the best post that I had ever written. But, it keeps with the theme that life is a highway.

I’m not talking about the Tom Cochrane song either. It might be what is playing through my ear buds at the moment but it is keeping me focused on what I am, or was writing.

I was getting out of my slump that I wrote about last week. I was there, the motivation was back, I had a great topic, and the words were flowing out of my head, into my hands, and onto the screen seamlessly.

Than life decided to take another turn and veer off-course.

While, it is a bit of a stretch to compare losing a blog post to the ups and downs of life, it fits with the theme.

Life is a Highway!

Highway - The Rookie Dad

I would be able to tell you what I was writing about, in fact, it was connecting life with my morning commute and the many exits that one could take in their life.

Recently, we decided to take an exit and sell our house. That exit would lead us to moving back to an area of Kansas City that Mrs. Rookie Dad and I met, fell in love, married each other, and started the lives that we know today.

What I couldn’t tell you is how I was weaving the story in and out. You would think that it would be easy for me to do such a thing, but remember I’m just coming out of writer’s block.

This bump in the road, losing an entire post, was just that a bump. I would be able to overcome it and keep the car moving forward. Sometimes though, those bumps can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you another story to tell.

At least it wasn’t a complete accident that caused my car to be in the shop for a month! (which is true)

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