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I’m a sports guy. That doesn’t really come as a shock. In 2008, when the Kansas Jayhawks went to the National Championship and won, my wife and I were newly engaged. At which point I don’t think she quite realized just what she was getting herself into. When Mario Chalmers made that shot, with time running off the clock, I jumped. I jumped so high and screamed loudly with such joy that I scared her. That was when she realized that she had married a sports fanatic.

It seems that March Madness has played a role in my life all during the month of March. It seems as though the world almost stops during the tournament. No work gets completed, or if it does, it takes just a bit longer than anticipated. The Boss Button on the CBS streaming sports site is used to it’s fullest. And you root for the underdog, even if you didn’t chose them in your bracket to win.

When we ended up buying our new Sony HDTV back about 6 years ago, there was one thing I was more excited about watching on it than anything else… sports. Not just any sports, but college basketball. And not just any college basketball (although it was OK until March), the NCAA Basketball tourney. Even though it was only 40 inches of visually stunning HD, it was probably the best viewing experience that one could have at the time, only if they had a bigger TV which I’m sure some did.

The only place that I would go to trust a major purchase during March Madness would be Nebraska Furniture Mart. Trust me, I plan on making my next TV purchase there or any other electronics during the big tournament. During the month of March they will be having Mart Madness, which will include sales on many TVs and electronics to help you enjoy the tournament.

Mart MadnessThe big game is on, and you have all your friends over yet you are hunched over your BBQ grill cooking for everyone, or if your friends are nice they are hanging out with in the backyard as you cook with the game on. Probably streaming through their phones. As you slave on the grill why not be able to listen to wait they are listening to? Wouldn’t a bluetooth speaker be nice? Well this is your steal that you can get during Mart Madness at Nebraska Furniture Mart. You can get a JBL Flip3 Portable bluetooth speaker for $69.99 (normally it would run you $99.99). Be sure to get these while they are hot because, when I was looking at them over the holidays, I couldn’t find one because they were going so fast.

JBL Flip3 Portable Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker
This would be perfect to listen to the game while you are out at the grill with your buddies. Check it out here

Let’s say that you are like me, and enjoy watching the games with the TV turned up loudly to drown out all of the other things that are going on in the world. Your wife on the other hand doesn’t like you hogging the TV so you are banished to the basement or to your office or to watching the game as you stream it on your phone. You won’t be able to turn the volume up so why not listen to them with some great sound coming from the JBL Synchros S700 Over-Ear Headphones? Well now is your chance to own them.

JBL Synchros S700 Over-Ear Headphones
Look at these things? If you’d rather listen to the game than your 5 year old whine… you’ve got to get these. Enter Here!

You can enter now and Nebraska Furniture Mart will give you a set of these incredible headphones so that you can listen to the big game either on your phone or on your laptop.

If you are anything like me, you won’t want to pass up this opportunity to own two great ways to listen to the big games during Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Mart Madness sale.

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  1. Avatar Josh March 4, 2016 at 9:53 AM

    Love those headphones and I totally understand the need for them. Sometimes it is easier to turn the volume off on the television and ‘quietly’ watch.


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