So you are going to be a new dad. It seems like there are not very many places to look.

But look no further.  There are two new dad books that have hit the market that are books you will want to add to your library.
The New Dad Dictionary

The New Dad Dictionary

Ferberization, Episiotomy, Playdate, Helicopter Parent.  These are all terms that you might not know unless you are a parent. Try learning them on your own and you are well, out of luck. You are going to wonder what some of these terms that your midwife (which is in the book) is throwing around means. Well, be sure to take this book with you to every parenting class that you are going to.

The great thing about The New Dad Dictionary is that it gives you the real definition of the word then it gives you the dadfinition.  Basically it puts whatever word you are looking up into terms for you to understand.  I won’t even explain my favorite dadfinition of engorgment for the fear of ending up on the couch but you get the picture.

If you are a new dad or having your second, third or twenty-third, you are going to want to buy The New Dad Dictionary by Chris Illuminati.

The Geek Baby BookGeed Baby Book - The Rookie Dad

This is one of those books that Mrs. Rookie Dad and myself wished we had when the Rookie was born. You see all the time these baby books that are to keep the milestones in one place. Most of them are sentimental and don’t take into account the serious things in your baby’s life like what kind of spells they can cast (Aura of Cuteness, Piercing Shriek, and/or Stinking Cloud).

There is also an open letter to parents about Star Wars, which if it was legal to publish it all on my site, I would. Just remember, never let your children watch Episodes I-III.

Tim Mucci has really created a book that you will cherish as your child level’s up in life.  You will want The Geek Baby Book on you and your child’s quest to every first in their life.

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Full Disclosure: Adams Media provided copies of both The New Dad Dictionary and The Geek Baby Book for review and the review of each book is my own. 

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