I’ve been there and I’m sorry I laughed at you in what is the biggest moment of your life as a new dad running back into the hospital after parking the car. I’d do the same thing.

To the dad running into the hospital,

It wasn’t too long ago that I was in the same place you were. Speeding up to the hospital entrance, rolling in the mother of your future child (or children I don’t want to assume anything here) into the hospital in a wheelchair… obviously having contractions.

Before we get any further, I was the dad who pushed my pregnant wife out of the way as I saw what was going on. Yes, I was that dad… looking out for you, welcome to the brotherhood… we all look out for each other in times like this. It sounds more dramatic to say I pushed my wife out of the way but in reality I just asked her if she could move a bit faster… which I’m sure you know to never tell a pregnant woman.

But anyway, I laughed a little to be honest because I thought to myself, there is no need to run, you are here for at least three days, and more than likely you won’t miss the birth of your newborn child unless their born in the next 10 minutes while you park the car. You might even be told to go back home if the hospital… or your wife’s doctor says that she is not in labor. I’ve been there too.

I laughed… yes, I laughed at you. I’m sorry. I take it back, I take back every time I remember seeing you run into the hospital and the chuckle I would get remembering that moment. I am less than a month away from being in the same situation myself. My wife will call, or more than likely text me, telling me, it’s time. And I will speed down the highway blaring Welcome to the Jungle ignoring the speed limit hoping a cop understands that my wife is in labor.

Dad Running - The Rookie Dad

The moment I get home I will start running around gathering the necessary items we need to check into our extended stay suite because unlike you, we aren’t prepared with a bag sitting right by the door waiting for the call. It’s all normal, trust me. As I run around, I call family members and square away child care for the next 3 days for our first-born son. I can only imagine how I will react this time. If I happen to ever see you again, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’ve been there and I’m sorry I laughed at you in what is the biggest moment of your life as you were running back into the hospital after parking the car. I’d do the same thing. Even though this is our second… I’ll run. I don’t know if this is your first born or your 23rd… although if it was I might see a reality TV show crew following behind. Either way, run! This is a moment you will never forget.

Run and don’t look back. I’m not talking about running the other way, I am talking about running head on into this crazy thing called parenting. Before you know it, they will be walking, talking, pooping on their own, going to kindergarten (you’ll cry trust me), asking for the keys to your car, going to college, possibly getting married and starting a family of their own. So run… run right into parenting. It is the wildest ride of your life and you don’t want to miss a minute.

You reminded me of something that day. You reminded this dad, who has already gotten the call once before, how exciting that moment is and the few hours that follow. I won’t want to miss a thing… even if I’m going to be waiting and supporting my wife for the next 12 hours as she gives birth to our second child. I plan on running now… I won’t care what people think of me as I run into the hospital after parking the car. Because there is nothing more special than being there for the birth of your child. Don’t let anyone, including myself, the dad who laughed as he watched another dad running into the hospital take that from you.  I won’t want to miss a minute of it all.

I sure hope that you didn’t.

Thank you,
The Rookie Dad

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