Operation: Moderate Technology Step 3

While I have yet to put in a solid attempt at Step 2 of Operation: Moderate Technology (I’m on this war theme if you can’t tell) step 3 has been going pretty well.

The Kid is now picking up books and bringing them to Hot Mama and I to read to him.  Granted he only sticks around for a couple of pages of his Thomas the Tank books and now Hot Mama can recite one of the books by heart, I believe it is A Crack In the Track.   This step is going very successfully.

I don’t know if he getting bored and wanting our attention or if he is truly taking a liking to books.  We have been sitting down with him and reading and when he gets up to leave we continue reading so I wonder if that is playing a part that he sees us still reading so he wants us to read to him because he thinks that if mom and dad like it then I will too.

Hot Mama even posted on her facebook that there was a morning she was getting ready and I was in the living room reading to the Kid and that she really liked hearing it.

Even though we moved a head a step and like always I’m behind I still have to learn to put down the phone!


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