By now you are aware of how excited I was for this past Valentine’s Day.  I was so excited that it almost didn’t even happen.  No, I didn’t forget to make the dinner reservations.  They were made well in advance.  It went beyond that.

On the Friday before Valentine’s Day, thanks to ProFlowers (who did sponsor this post but in no way influenced my thoughts and opinions on it) I was going to have cookies that were a gift from the Rookie to his mom and a set of roses delivered to my work to keep them a secret from Mrs. Rookie Dad.

Upon arriving at work, I open my email to read, “There was a heart-shaped tin of Mrs. Fields cookies delivered this morning with no name on them.  We can safely assume that they are for the entire office and sitting in the kitchen ready for you to enjoy!” (The person it was addressed to was “resident” so I can assume why the receptionist thought it was for everyone) I do run to stay fit, but I don’t think that I have ever ran as fast to save the cookie tin from my co-workers.

When I made it down the flight of stairs, around a corner and out a door, I find our receptionist eating two of the cookies.  I explain that I have no idea why there was no name on the cookies but they were mine and a gift from my son to his mom for Valentine’s Day. I did warn her though that I was expecting some flowers that were supposed to be for my wife as well, which I was not expecting the cookies and flowers to come in at the same time.

By the time I get them back to my office, the receptionist sent out an email explaining the situation and that they were actually mine and that I shouldn’t have teased the office in that way.  She was joking about the teasing, but what bothered me was that she used my name so I had to hide the cookies in my office or else they would disappear faster than a keg at a fraternity kegger.

As the day wore on, I kept on checking in with her to see if the flowers arrived. By 4 o’clock, I was starting to get worried.  I was thinking that this Valentine’s Day was off to a bad start.  Finally, I had decided that they were not coming and my phone rang.  It was our receptionist, she told me that they had made it here.

OK, Valentine’s Day is looking up. I make it home, keeping the entire story a secret from my wife who I had talked to about our date all the way home.  I hide the cookies and the flowers in the basement to keep her (and hope she doesn’t go down there) from seeing them.

ProFlowers - The Rookie Dad
The flowers that ProFlowers sent were absolutely stunning.

Side note: if you aren’t aware, ProFlowers delivers their flowers in boxes and it is recommended to take out of the box as soon as you can.  They were beautiful flowers and honestly, if you have a hard time ordering flowers, this is the way to go.

Now, things start to get interesting.  Mrs. Rookie Dad had bought two new outfits and was going to wear one on our date, however, was not able to pick which one.  It really came as no surprise to me or any man who waits for their significant other to get ready for something.  Finally, she decides and we head out to enjoy an evening eating a dinner without a screaming toddler in our ears.

We have eaten at this place before and trusted their food unlike some hole in the way Chinese place where you suspect if you are actually eating chicken (a little foreshadowing if you can’t tell).  We enjoyed the evening together, but what we enjoyed more was sitting next to a couple who were talking about their rehearsal dinner.  It was awkward… it was first date awkward but they were talking about their rehearsal dinner.

Finally, we had enough of this rehearsal dinner conversation and left.  We stopped for coffee at Starbucks which was the moment our otherwise awkwardly fun evening took a turn.  To spare you the details of what happened in Starbucks we left sooner than expected because Mrs. Rookie Dad was having a bout of food poisoning.

We ended our night going home and watching Friends on Netflix.  Not exactly how we envisioned our Valentine’s Day going but that is where it went.  Again, you know you are a couple in love if you can live through a night like that together.

By now, I am sure you are wondering about the flowers and cookies.  Well, the Rookie and I did surprise her with them and I was smart enough to take them out the box they were delivered in.  Mrs. Rookie Dad did love them and it did put a cap on an otherwise crappy Valentine’s Day that we will look at and laugh.

Again, ProFlowers provided me with complimentary flowers, but it in no way influenced my opinions of the company and the thoughts are my own. Also, Valentine’s Day this would not have happened without the help of ProFlowers.

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  1. Avatar The JackB February 17, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    I don’t know about you but I appreciate having a relationship where things like food poisoning don’t wreck the night, they just make you adjust it.

    1. Avatar therookiedad February 17, 2015 at 10:12 AM

      It didn’t exactly wreck the night just didn’t go as planned but you know what, it is a memory that we have and we laugh about it still.


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