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As the loneliness sets in, something was already in place that would help me feel better.  Something that I started to look forward to every week.  It was the single object of the week that helped me push through these feelings of solitude.  The concept is not new, in fact, many couples do this on a regular basis (it really is not what you are thinking).  Date Night.

We have discovered that, you do not always need a babysitter for date night.  It does not have to always end up like a date with Tina Fey and Steve Carell who steal a couples reservations.  To us, it really means just spending time together.  No fancy dinner, no making out in the back of a movie theater (maybe sometimes), or bar hopping (I am too old for that!).

The time that we get to spend together, alone, as a couple, is crucial during this time while Hot Mama is in school.  Just the other night we decided to play board games.  Yes, board games!  We put down the electronics (lit a candle for light), and watched as each of our pieces went around the board.  I will not tell you how the games ended up because the embarrassment of getting beat at Monopoly is still fresh in my mind.

We have decided that every Saturday night is our night, it is important for us to have these nights as a couple and parents.  There maybe nights that we use a babysitter and others where we just wait until the Kid is sleeping.  Every week, I look forward to these nights.  It helps with the loneliness I am feeling during this time.  It is a time for the two of us to reconnect and talk about our week.

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  1. Avatar EduDad August 27, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    We try to have one date night out per month and one date night in per week.

    1. Avatar therookiedad August 27, 2012 at 12:56 PM

      This is something that we just started a couple of weeks ago. We always said we would do it but we were making it more difficult than it had to be. So, we just decided even staying at home and spending time together will work just as well.


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