There Is So Much To Be Thankful For As A Dad

When Life of Dad and Pampers asked me to write a post about everything that I’m thankful for as a dad, I took a moment to think about it. I asked myself,

“What am I thankful for as a dad?”

It seems as though it should be an easy answer right? I’m thankful for everything that being a dad has brought my way! There isn’t one thing as a dad that I’m not thankful for. Sure, I look at all the big moments in my children’s lives. The moment they are born. Their first steps, their first words, the first time they wipe their own butts, the first day they walk into Kindergarten and be thankful that I was able to share those moments with them.

When you think about it, those are supposed to be the moments you remember and are thankful for as a dad. But all it is, is a list of first though. And eventually those “first” moments in life will dwindle to just a memory. I wanted to go deeper than that though. There is so much more to being a dad than being there for the “first” moments of your kids life. So what about the moments in between?

Those little moments that come between the big moments. The moments when you are playing basketball in drive way. The moment you watch your infant bang on their toy drum set and you can’t help but smile not caring how much noise they are making. The moment that you are singing as a family to “Who’s The Bat(Man)” on a road trip. And yes, even those moments that you wake up in the middle of the night for a diaper change and feeding.

Those are all the moments that we are going to relive, and eventually miss but are thankful they happened. They are the real moments that we are thankful for as a dad. Yes, we will be thankful for the big moments, but sharing those little moments are the ones that count. They are going to be the times that our children remember the most. It will be the Friday nights that we spend going out to eat as a family. It will be the Saturday evenings hanging out with friends and walking down to the basement to find popcorn thrown all about, and yes getting angry in the moment but laughing about it the next day.

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Those are the moments I’m thankful for as a dad. I look back at all the photos that I have taken of my children, and I can’t help but smile because of the memories. Each one of those pictures tells a story. A story that is the reason I am thankful for as a dad. A story, that I will be able to tell their children, and stories that they will be able to tell their grandchildren.

As usual, there was music playing in the background and a song popped on that seems to be a song that tends to come on at just the right time. It is Kevin Rudolf’s, Here’s To Us. This song I’ve used for very many different projects that I’ve worked on because it just seems to fit. So here it is, hit play, and scroll through the things that I’m thankful for as a dad.

The moment our oldest falls asleep on the floor.

Then finds out how babies are made.

The moment our oldest hams it up for the camera.

And then goes to pick his nose.

The moment he finds out how to open drawers.

Turns around to help mom study for law school.

The moment he wonders what all that orange stuff is inside the pumpkin.

Then makes friend with the newest addition to our family.

Then raced me into school.

Then became that big protective brother.

The moment we were taking goofy selfies in the Sonic parking lot

And then became exhausted by all the pictures I was taking.

To make yet another goofy face as I dropped him off at school.

The moment two brothers mimic each other during a Friday night family dinner.

Only to see our youngest get into the toilet paper.

And take an incredibly up-close and personal picture.

Then take an incredibly adorable picture with me.

To turn around and play dentist on me.

The moment our youngest gave me something to ponder about.

To proceed and give me two of the hardest days I have had as parent.

To take in a great night at the lake and realize everything that I am thankful for as a dad.

These are the moments that I look back at, and are thankful for as a father. The moments that I will remember more than my son’s first baseball game or his first day of school.

Being a dad, is all about the moments in between.

Thank you to Life of Dad and Pampers  who I have partnered with for this promotion. Also, if check out their video!

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