Study finds health habits of new parents suffer, especially for mothers – – Kansas City

Study finds health habits of new parents suffer, especially for mothers – – Kansas City.

Ok seriously… there was a study about this? I could have told you this when my wife was 3 months pregnant!

My wife was sicker than a dog with morning sickness… and me… well I was there to take care of her day and night… as if that won’t wreak havoc on two people’s health!

As if the waking up night end and night out to take care of a baby doesn’t just kill your health too!  All the coffee you drink can’t be good on your health.  I know that my health as a dad has suffered since I’m not eating as good because I’m just to exhausted to make anything healthy.   The diet that the doctor put me on has almost been thrown out the window.

Mothers also didn’t get as much exercise and their diets suffered too, eating about 368 calories more than women without children.

Really…. REALLY! Mother’s didn’t get as much exercise! When can you find the time do exercise as a parent?  And isn’t a woman who is breastfeeding having to eat more so that she can make milk?  So there is the extra 368 calories.

I just find it ridicules that someone thought “oh hey lets find out if parents health suffer when they have kids” Obviously that person was NOT a parent and the other “scientists” weren’t either.

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  1. Avatar momintraining13 April 11, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    A breastfeeding mother burns up to 600 calories a day! Sounds like a great reason for me to eat lots of cake 🙂 Unfortunately dad’s don’t get this great calorie burner… but on the upside you get out of all the feedings.


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