Pee-Pee (Part 2)

To read the first part of Pee-Pee read it here! The Kid no longer wanted his book. I reached into the diaper bag and pulled out Thomas the Tank Engine.  With a big glow in his eyes he started rolling… Continue Reading

Pee-Pee (Part 1)

  I woke up Sunday morning and heard Hot Mama and the Kid playing out in the living room.  I made my way out looking like a zombie, since someone (me), did not set the coffee maker to do the… Continue Reading

What’s That Smell (Part 2)

In yesterday’s post on What’s That Smell, we discovered that the Kid has awful smelling broccoli diapers. Today the smell could have been prevented by a simple action. On Saturday and Sunday I have to be into work at 6:30am… Continue Reading