Paid Leave in America: We Don’t Have to be Behind

Paid Leave - The Rookie Dad

As many of you remember, I wrote a post back in August regarding the state of Paid Leave in America.  It outlined where the United States of America is behind in providing paid maternity and paternity leave. I also brought to light my story with paternity leave.  A story in which I was able to […]

I Feel Itchy

I am going to take a break from telling you about how you ended up sleeping with your Jayhawk.  Today there seems to be a more appropriate story to tell you son. The meaning of Columbus Day to your mother and me. Your mom and myself had just started dating.  In fact, it was our […]

American Moms Deserve Better!

There are a few things that I have a passion for baseball, University of Kansas Sports, being a dad, and over the course of the last two years after learning what my wife’s maternity leave policy was, I am joining the fight for moms on Maternity leave. Hot Mama was only able to use up […]

9/11: A Reflection

I wasn’t going to write about 9/11.  It is such a difficult event to write about and brings to many emotions to me, as it does with every American, but I was writing a blog the other day listening to iTunes and the song I Believe (9/11 Remix) by Blessed Union Of Souls came on […]

Yo, Neighbors, I have an 8 Month Old!

Praise to the holiday that people stimulate the economy by spending thousands of dollars to blow things up!  Ok well to most people you don’t spend thousands of dollars of on fireworks, but in our neighborhood people spend thousands (as reported from my neighbor who said that one of the guys in our area spent […]