A Reason To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

It’s Feast Week!

If you are like me, the moment you hear the words Feast and Week used together, you think about college basketball and the pre-season tournaments that are held during this week. It is almost like Thanksgiving is second to whoever is playing in the Maui Invitational.

It is almost like we are to forget about the reason that college basketball is played during this week or that we have the ability to be able to wait in line for days on end just to save a few bucks on a big screen TV on Black Friday.

More Reasons to be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Over the years, Thanksgiving has taken on several meanings to me. During my childhood, it meant that every two years, we would make our way to central Kansas for a family reunion, during college it meant that finals were approaching, and during the first few years of my professional life it meant double time working on the holiday.

During the last few years though, Thanksgiving has really been a moment to pause and remind myself of everything that I am thankful for. There isn’t a day that goes by, when I don’t think about the life that I am thankful for, but during Feast Week, when I am sitting down with my in-laws, arguing over who has the better college basketball team, Kansas or Kentucky, that I feel a smile come over my face, and mentally say how thankful I am for everyone in my life.

As I look back on everything that I am thankful for this year, it might be easy to look back and think about everything that went wrong. Between getting laid off, the many job rejections, waiting 5 months to land a job, and dealing with a sick child for much of the year this for this year might make it easy to look down on this year. But, there are so many things over this past year that I can be thankful for, no matter how cliche they are…


My Family

When I say, “My Family,” I mean it. My family was right there with my supporting me during the hard times of this past year. There were times that I wasn’t in the best of moods and as a result, not the best husband or father. But they stuck through it, knowing that eventually there would be an end to it all. The smiles and laughs that my two boys along with wife provide me on a daily basis are the reasons that I wake up each day ready to take it on and be a better person that I was the day before.

My Old and My New Job

Ok, sure how can I be thankful for my old job when I was let go after 3 long hard and dedicated years? Well simply put, that job gave me the skills necessary to go further in my career. If it weren’t for the skills that I gained in my previous position, I wouldn’t be where I am today, managing a team of a video professionals.

My Health

This is an area of my life that has degraded over the last year. This past January, I was at peak performance as you could say. I was at my lowest weight in years and had the energy of a teenager. But over this year, I’ve gained weight mostly because being the father of two energetic boys, it’s hard to find the time to make my health a priority.

How can I be thankful for that I hear you asking. Well, I’m still able to get up each morning, no matter how difficult it is and be the husband and father that my family has come to expect me to be. And to be honest, this is something that is weighing on me (yeah bad dad joke)

The Rookie Dad Readers and Opportunities

This whole online persona that I started 7 years ago as a place to just talk about my feelings becoming a dad, has really become something. But this past year, I’m more thankful than ever for what The Rookie Dad has become and for you, my readers, who have followed along each and every step of my journey, especially this past year. It all started early on on the year talking about my lawn goals for the year, to stacking Cheerios at a Kansas City Royals game, to road tripping across Missouri to watch the Royals take on the Cardinals in St. Louis, and now to the most recent announcement that I will be speaking at the Dad 2.0 Summit next year in New Orleans.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful this year. I wish that I had time to thank everyone that touched my life in some way this past year. But that would mean I’d be writing for an entire year and you’d more than likely get bored reading. 2017 has honestly been one hell of a ride and it makes this Thanksgiving even more special to me.

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