The Filthier The Better

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As a former high school baseball player, I always challenged myself to have a dirty uniform.  I always said the dirtier the better. Our game days were sometimes so close together that I would wear my dirty uniform again without washing it.


That dirty uniform was a sense of pride. It meant that I played hard that game. But there is also something about putting on a clean uniform. Looking down and seeing the name of the high school that I was going to represent at the plate and the other little kids that would look up to me from the stands and want to play like me.

Filthiest Plays of the Week

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I am sure after I played hard, had many grass stains from diving in the outfield and dirt stains from sliding into second after stealing second that my mom hated washing my uniform, hence going to some games without washing it. While my son hasn’t put on his uniform yet, unless you count his t-ball uniform (which he has already worn dirty once) I am sure as he gets older, those white baseball pants will start to turn a greenish brown.  

But the dirtier his uniform gets, he will have that same sense of pride that I had putting on a clean uniform. The feeling of freshly washed fabric and the smell of freshly cut grass ready to make those white pants green again. Much like how he keeps his clothes dirty now.

  • Playing in the Mud
  • Spraying himself with water and rolling in the grass
  • Playing in the sandbox
  • Helping mom in the garden


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