I could be upset that the Rookie hasn’t freaked out over a sports figure like Derek Jeter.  Being the avid sports fan that I am, I grew up looking up to the likes of Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, and Frank Thomas.

I followed their every move, both on the field and off.  They lived a life that seemed boring by today’s standards.  They weren’t caught up in the steroids or playing for big contracts.  They played because they loved the game.  They were people I grew up admiring. (By the way Nolan Ryan, I mailed you a card to autograph back in the 90’s and you never sent it back… but I don’t hold that against you)

Being the sports that I am, you would think that I would push the Rookie to find some sports icon to look up to.  But I look at the state of sports today, baseball is just getting out of the steroid era and football is dealing with players who beat women.  I don’t watch or hear enough about the MLS, NHL, and NBA to really formulate an opinion regarding their players.  So, as you can see there aren’t very many players in sports to really look up to these days.

Enter Tim Gunn.

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum - The Rookie Dad
Courtesy Michael Williams from New York, United States

I’ll be the first admit it, I enjoy watching Project Runway (what a poor segue from sports to Project Runway).  In fact, I am such a fan of the show that each season, I have my favorite designer that I hope wins.  During Season 13, I predicted very early on that it would come down to Kini Zamora and Sean Kelly.  Both of which were my favorites this past season.

But that isn’t who the Rookie was rooting for.  In fact, who he was rooting for wasn’t even competing but helping the designers, Tim Gunn.  He would always ask us to watch Project Runway so that he could see Tim Gunn.  Not only that but if he didn’t see Tim during the show, the Rookie would be concerned.  Remember this kid is only 4.

Since Project Runway has been over our sightings of Tim Gunn have been less.  But, during Sesame Street the other day who pops up on the screen?  Tim Gunn talking about colors.

Have you ever met your idol in person?  If you have, you were probably freaking out… right?  Well take that times 100 and you will get how the Rookie reacted to seeing Tim Gunn on Sesame Street. Partially because he loves Sesame Street but to see a person that he looks up to on one of his favorite TV programs just sent him over the edge.

He ran into the bedroom as we were packing to leave for the weekend yelling, “It’s TIM GUNN…. TIM GUNN!!!!!!!!!” All was lost for the next 5 minutes.  In fact, I think we were going to have to do something calm the Rookie down he was so excited and our dog, ran into the closet more scared then she was on the Fourth of July.

It makes me proud to say that the Rookie looks up to Tim Gunn.  I’m not embarrassed to say it actually.  The characteristics that Tim has are something that I want to make sure that the Rookie has himself: kind, compassionate, honest, courageous, hard-working, just do a Google search for positive character traits and that defines Tim Gunn.  Now, if we were ever to meet him in person, we could find out that these qualities are false, but who we see on TV doesn’t seem like a person who would be like that. (And Mr. Gunn, if you do read this, this isn’t a ploy to meet you)

There is always that risk when you look up to someone who you will find out they aren’t the person you think they are.  Much like I thought Nolan Ryan would sign that card I sent him back in the 90’s and has yet to send it back… again, not that I am holding that against him.

There is no part of me that is upset that the Rookie doesn’t look up to a sports icon.  What matters to me is that he looks up to someone with good character.  Which is hard to find these days and that is why I am glad he has found someone like Tim Gunn to look up to.

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  1. Avatar Your Loving Wife January 26, 2015 at 12:28 PM

    Mrs. Rookie Dad, here, shamelessly plugging for a meeting with Tim Gunn. Little Rookie may not be your tallest fan, but he sure is the cutest. 🙂

  2. Avatar Seth Burleigh January 26, 2015 at 10:36 PM

    I think we’re missing the more important point here. He is learning style and fashion before he can be influenced by the unstylish kids on the playground. Oh, and he’s getting a crash course in making it work!

    1. Avatar The Rookie Dad January 27, 2015 at 9:17 PM

      I couldn’t agree more. Because like I said, he won’t be getting his fashion sense from me!


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