Trying Again!

Dear William,

So apparently, my first letter didn’t work!  Did you not receive it? Or did you chose to ignore it? I’m going to take a guess that you chose to ignore it.  When you saw it you thought to yourself that you love daddy so much that you’re going to go above and beyond and make him even more frustrated!

Well you succeeded! I’m exhausted! You’ve waken me up twice every night this week and screamed bloody murder every time!  Can I ask what is going on?  Are you having nightmares and need to be close to mommy and daddy? I would be ok if that is the answer.  If you are just trying to play with daddy, can I ask you please to stop?

Daddy, wasn’t so pleasant today even with three cups of coffee.   I think I might start taking coffee out of your allowance! Consider it a loan every time you wake me up at night, that’s another cup of coffee.

I will play nice and say that you have waken me up 60 times.  That is a quarter of a container of Folger’s.  If you continue to wake me up at a rate of 2 times a night 5 nights a week, that’s 10 times a week and in a matter of 18 weeks 8 bucks will be taken out of your allowance so that I can buy another container of coffee.

I’m hoping that this seems like a fair punishment at your young age.  When you are old enough, I will explain to you what you did and the punishment.  Hopefully, this will keep you from waking me up any more!

William, I love you and I am only doing this out of love because you know how much of a nicer person daddy is when he sleeps.


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  1. Avatar thelifeofjamie April 8, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    Change the word William to Allison…change coffee to hot chocolate. Same night, just 18 months in the future. I wish you good luck.

    1. Avatar bjbillinger April 8, 2011 at 4:29 PM

      I realize that some of this may be to much to ask sometimes. But its been every night this week and i’ve reached the point where I am angry every time I hear him crying. A father shouldn’t get upset every time his son screams, he should go try to be the protector of his son!

  2. Avatar thelifeofjamie April 8, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    It could be a little bit of habit for him now too. How old is he? And it’s okay to get angry- I do. All the time. But usually not until I am up for good and then I am just downright annoyed! Good luck! I’ll root for you if you root for me! 🙂

    1. Avatar bjbillinger April 8, 2011 at 6:26 PM

      He is 5 months old as of today! and of course I’ll root for you!

  3. Avatar thelifeofjamie April 9, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    It worked! Thanks! We ended up giving my daughter some Benadryl and motrin because there might be an ear infection brewing. Of course, the one day that I go to bed early, and she sleeps through, I had to wake up early to go meet friends for a run. STUPID!!!

    1. Avatar bjbillinger April 9, 2011 at 10:41 AM

      We took the chipmunks temp last night and he was running a low-grade fever so we gave him some orajel and some Tylenol and BAM it fixed him right up…. we might have a teething baby on our hands! I feel bad now that I have been angry!

      Glad my rooting helped ya!

  4. Avatar Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide April 9, 2011 at 11:39 AM

    I guess you can’t Skype between bedrooms.:) Kidding. You’ll get some sleep eventually. At least Folger’s is cheap. Great blog.

    1. Avatar bjbillinger April 9, 2011 at 11:42 AM

      I just posted a blog today about skyping between bedrooms as a makeshift baby monitor! HAHA! I know I’ll get some sleep… I feel bad now because I’ve been complaining and we found out last night he was in pain and had a low-grade fever probably from teething. Hopefully it will end soon though until then I’ll grin and bear it!

  5. Avatar Bonnie April 10, 2011 at 11:37 AM

    Hi Brandon,
    I was Elizabeth’s Girl Scout leader! I’ve been following her (and your family) on facebook and am happy to see that you are blogging about William! What a great tribute!
    When I read this post, I immediately thought that the little guy is teething. It looks like you figured it out! It sure makes for a rough night’s sleep, though, doesn’t it? One other thing about babies not sleeping…When my son was a baby he NEVER slept. I was sleepless for several years in fact, because of him. I learned later that often children who are highly intelligent have trouble turning off their minds, so frequently don’t sleep well. Interesting! And something to consider.

    1. Avatar bjbillinger April 10, 2011 at 1:02 PM

      Bonnie, thanks for stopping by! Yeah I gotta feeling that he is teething. He woke up again at about 1am last night. Our best solution at this point, while it’s not the best, is to bring him to bed with us… he sleeps better and so do mom and dad. William has been alert since day one… surprising all the nurses and doctors about how observant he is… he is always just looking around. Part of me wonders if we have boy genius on our hands… it wouldn’t surprise me… if he is boy genius he got that from his mom!

  6. Avatar Bonnie April 11, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    I know a great many people will disagree with me on this, but I strongly feel that taking William to bed with you is fine. He’s at an age that he’s very aware that you’re not in his room at night, and likely feels better with you and Liz nearby…and you probably feel better too! Often people worry that “You’ll never get that child out of your bed!” That’s not true. With gentle guidance, you’re letting him know that you’re there for him, and that he does have his own place to sleep. When my daughter (same age as Liz) was a baby I would often take her to my bed to nurse her. I got some sleep and she had the security of knowing that she wasn’t alone. Often when she fell asleep, I would return her to her own bed…or not! Given the knowledge that Mom was there when she needed her, she was the one that very soon wanted to go to her own bed.


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