Let’s forget the fact that I just learned one of my favorite bands of the of the 90s, The Wallflowers, covered the David Bowie song, “Heroes.” In fact, for the purpose of this, it defeats the purpose.

It’s more about the power of the statement, “we can be heroes for just one day.”

As a father, I tend to live my life as one day is just as ordinary as the other. I wake up, get ready, get my son ready for the day, feed him breakfast, and send my wife and son off to work and school respectively.  I am then off to work myself until the days end when I am tasked with entertaining him. I don’t want to live this way, but the circumstances right now are set.

This is no knock against my wife, she makes dinner and does most (at this moment all, but that is a subject of a different post) of the cleaning. She is the family hero in her right which again is another post for another time.

There is one person who I want to be a hero to each and every day.

My son.

Am I that hero he wants each day? No, I fully admit that. I’m not the dad who spends each of my son’s waking moments playing catch in the backyard. I’m human in that I need some time to decompress and be an adult… I think adulting in the term that we are supposed to use right?

Then came the day that a FedEx van pulled up to our house. The driver got up from his seat, found a box with our address on it, walked up to our house, unafraid of the dog inside barking at him, rang the door bell, and left.

My son looked up at me, smiled, and the race to get to the door was on. I let him win, like I do most of the time when we race. He opens the door and a huge smile envelops his face.

“A PACKAGE!!!!! I bet it is for me!”

He didn’t know that this was coming. He has yet to realize that his dad is a blogger in a supportive community that is helping him to be that hero he needs every day.

As I smiled back at him I shook my head that yes it was indeed for him. Much like a kid on Christmas day, the package ended up shredding right where it was discovered.

In it, were toys. Not just any toys but those in the Hasbro Heroes collection. Transformers Rescue Bots, which he is just getting into, Ironman, and Jurassic World, which he hasn’t seen yet but to him that didn’t matter.

Heroes - The Rookie Dad
He loved the toys so much he didn’t want to take them out of the package.

He looked up from the box to me. He smiled, ran up to me and said, “THANK YOU DADDY!”

And right then and there, I knew that I was his hero.


If your child is at all into the television show, Rescue Bots, like my son, they will surely have fun with this mini version of High Tide. Slide the action figure in, push down on the lever and watch the hull come to life as your rescue bot is ready for action.

Rescue Bots Heroes Hasbro


Tony Stark is able to change suits in this interlocking fortress that will help him power up to save the day.

Ironman Fortress Heroes Hasbro


With eyes that light up as the Tyrannosaurus Rex roars, this dinosaur will be sure to excite. Be sure to run away as you push down on the T-Rex who will chomp down on the action figure… that is before the action figure can catch the T-Rex.

Jurassic World Heroes Hasbro


For more info on the PLAYSKOOL HEROES product line, specifically designed for younger kids who are excited for big kid adventures and based on characters from TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS, JURASSIC WORLD, and MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES, visit the Hasbro and Playskool Social Channels:

Instagram: @Hasbro
Twitter: @HasbroNews
Facebook: Facebook.com/Playskool

Full Disclosure: Hasboro compensated me for this post, however, the thoughts and opinions of this post are my own. 

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