What is His Temperature?

This has been a very strange week.  Then Wednesday decided to rear an ugly head.

The Kid awoke burning up, which I failed to notice when I went to get him. How I missed this one I do not know. Hot Mama takes the Kid’s temperature and he is running a fever of 102. We have a temporal thermometer that we absolutely hate, so Hot Mama takes the Kids temperature rectally. Luckily, it was my day off. If you consider that lucky or not is up to you.

I refuse to take the kids temperature with the rectal thermometer because I feel like I am hurting the Kid and it is rather difficult. So I stuck with the temporal thermometer, which was showing a low-grade fever of 100 all day.. Hot Mama comes home and picks up the Kid and says that he is hotter than he was that morning, so she goes and takes his temperature. It shows 104.4!

An immediate trip to the urgent care was in order. The Kid was hysterical the time. I felt bad for the nurses who eventually had to call over our pediatrician. He did everything he could to figure out what was wrong with him during this cry fest. In the 18 months of his life, he has never cried like this.

I will make a note here that the Kid is generally good at the doctor. He is even good when he gets his shots and will only cry for about a split second and then is OK.

The doctor does a strep test which immediately comes back positive. The good part to this story is that we are in a period of the week when he does not go to daycare and there is either myself or Hot Mama home with him.

So since this is Friday you are probably wondering were the FAIL is at? It is my refusal to take his temperature rectally to get a correct reading. If this had been the case we would have visited the doctor probably earlier in the day.

Needless to say, now Hot Mama has made sure that I know how to take a temperature correctly.


  1. it’s not a fail…usually you only take them rectally on little babies. No thermometer is great. Mine all read different temperatures. I just use the heat index…if they are really hot for too long, off to the doc we go.

  2. Just mark this down as lesson learned. There is going to be a whole lot more you fail at (believe me, I’ve failed a WHOLE lot) but it doesn’t mean you don’t love your little guy or you’re a bad parent. Just means that parenting is an ‘on the job training’ sort of gig.

  3. I dont think you have to do it rectally… we always go with the ear thermometer and that has been good for us. What we some times do is insert a suppository for the fever (that’s what the doctors give us in Singapore) and especially if the fever is higher than 39 degrees Celcius.

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