Moving with a Toddler. The words just spell disaster… well sort of.

It wasn’t easy convincing the Rookie to move from the only home he has grown up in the past 4 years. He was familiar with the surroundings. He knew all of the neighbor kids. He knew exactly when the frogs would start to climb on the door to catch their dinner for the night.

He didn’t want to move. He didn’t quite understand why mommy and daddy wanted to move either. He didn’t understand that we were moving to make our lives better by giving us more time together as a family.

As we boxed up our home, there were some tough decisions that had to be made. There were some toys that had to be donated. It was tough, I am not going lie. Not just on us, but him as well. He was losing toys and changing schools. Which was a big transition in and of itself.

moving with a toddler

Now that we are in our new home, I look back at the transition and see that it was actually much easier than anticipated. The Rookie now loves our home and our dog loves the freedom she has in the backyard.

What did we do to make this transition easy on us all?

3 Tips for moving with a toddler

1. Communication

We talked to the Rookie a lot about what was happening. We told him that we are moving so that we are closer to mom and dad’s work so that we will have hte ability to spend more time with him. Also that he and our dog would have a fenced back yard that he could play in and run around with more freedom than they have now.

2. Involvement

We involved the Rookie from the beginning. We told him that we wanted his input on what he wanted in the house. We wanted him to come along so that he could pick out his room in each of the homes that we looked at. We made sure that when we found a home that we liked that we asked him how he would want it decorated. It made him pretty excited about moving into a new room.

3. Build Excitement

Once we had made an offer on a house and it was accepted. We made sure that we started to spend more time in the area that we would be moving to. We started to show him some of the parks that are close by and some of the restaurants, one of which he was really excited about.

Even if you do follow these three tips when you are moving with a toddler, it still won’t be easy. Since each toddler is different, they are going to handle change differently and you’ll have to understand just how your toddler works.

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