I hate those mornings when she isn’t there next to me. It isn’t how I want to start my day.

Part of me doesn’t quite understand the whole appeal of Valentine’s Day. Why do I need one day a year to show how much I love my wife? I mean I love her more today than I loved her the day we were married.

Not to mention I believe this holiday was made up by the greeting card company and flower businesses just to drum up some business between Christmas and Mother’s Day. But besides our anniversary, which happens to be the say after my birthday so I won’t be that guy who forgets it, this is a good time to think about all those reasons I love my wife.

Love My Wife
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  1. She married me

    I am not Prince Charming. I am OK with saying that I realize I have my flaws. Like when I’m in the middle of a conversation I will stutter occasionally or even repeat myself countless times, I’ve probably even done it here on a few posts. Not exactly a smooth operator. Not to mention a couple times I screwed up while we were dating and engaged. But she stuck with me and eventually married me. I can’t say how much it means to me to have such a loving, caring, supportive wife who can look beyond my screw ups and realize that 9 times out of 10, I had good intentions about it.

  2. Carried our children

    I think this ones goes without saying. She carried our son for 9 grueling months. She was dealing with morning sickness left and right, day and night. But she stuck it out and gave birth to him after nearly 12 hours in labor. How can you not love a women who has gone through that and even made the conscious decision to go through it all again?

  3. Supports me when I have a bad day

    While I love my job and typically am able to leave work at work, there are days that I come home furious about one thing or another. And even though she may not know exactly what I’m talking about, she will sit at the dinner table and listen to me vent about it all.

  4. Is the one person I want to wake up to everyday

    I’ve been on many business trips, specially after taking my most recent job and you know the one thing I miss the most? If you guessed the constant being woken up by son in the middle of the night, you would have come in a close second. But it’s waking up next to her each and every morning.  Those hotel beds get lonely. Those text messages saying, “I Love You” with a kiss emoticon sometimes aren’t enough. Even laying a pillow next to me to “fool” me into thinking she is there isn’t enough. I hate those mornings when she isn’t there next to me. It isn’t how I want to start my day. It is almost as though I’m starting my day as empty as the part of the bed next to me. There is no one else I’d rather wake up next to than her.

You know, part of me is surprised that she has stuck it out with me the last 8 to 9 years. Honestly, I have lost track because it is just a number to me. What matters is that I have the one person who would suffer through child birth, listen to me complain, and to wake up to each and every morning.

Here is to many more morning waking up to the best wife a man could have!

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