If you are a stay-at-home-parent, you jump for joy when the first day of school arrives. After a long summer of entertaining your children, you need some much needed time away from them. I mean let’s be honest, we all can use some time away from our kids, and that doesn’t mean that we don’t like them, but parenting is hard.

That first day back to school is filled with excitement; some tears are shed, pictures (there is usually a sign that your child is holding up), and wishes of good luck.

We all want what is best for our child and starting the school year off right, will help make sure that they will have the success you hope they have.

Take Pictures At Home

First Day Of School

Look, you are going to want to take pictures. In the age of social media, we all want to be the first to share how grown up our children are getting. Naturally, you are going to feel that first day of school pictures should be taken at school. As a former photographer, I would agree with you but there is one small part of taking your kid to the school that you might forget about, every other parent is doing it.

School drop-off is already a zoo, to make matters worse it is the first day of school, and you are going to be waiting a while, potentially causing a tardy on the first day, just so that you can get that perfect shot. Your kids are already filled with emotions, and you are too so who knows just how long it will take you to drop your children off on that first day of school. It will make both your child’s time and your time easier if you just save the picture taking for home.

If you feel that you must have a picture of your kid at the school, while it might not be the first day of school, go there the day before and take a picture. Although there won’t be that new school smell.


School Drop-Off
Image Courtesy of Life of Dad

Dropping your kid off at school isn’t so much a first day of school tip, but more of a year round tip to remember as you are dropping your child(ren) off at school.

Know how your school’s drop-off works.

Nobody likes getting behind that one person who doesn’t know how to drop their child off at school. We are all aware who I am talking about, the one parent who likes to take their time letting their kids get out of the car and does so towards the back of the car line causing all the cars behind them to wait as they take 10 minutes to unload.

It is just best if you go into the drop off with a plan. We have moved our oldest child to the side of the car that the sidewalk is on so he can tuck and roll out of the car. I joke really because, in reality, in where we drop him off at there is a huge gap that I skip the line entirely and pull into so that I can roll down my window, take 15 seconds to wish him a good day and give him our high five.

Look for those type of opportunities. We are all busy and need to get to work in the mornings, but even as I have looked for a way to speed up our drop-off, I have also figured out that I can take those 15 seconds and enjoy a moment with my son.

5 Tips To Make Your Kids First Day Of School Easier

Don’t Hang Around

Look, this day is probably a lot harder on you than it is for your child. I’m talking specifically to the parents of kindergartners who are watching a new chapter open up in their kid’s life. More than likely you are already shedding a tear as you walk them to their classroom and giving them final words of wisdom like it is not appropriate to fart at school.

But many teachers will agree with me when I say that hanging around until the first bell rings, will only make the transition harder for your kids and you too. Walk them to the door of the classroom, give them one more big hug (and high five in my case), and let them know how much you love them and go on your parting ways.

It sounds harsh, but it is going to make their day so much easier if they didn’t see their parents crying that little Tommy is growing up so fast on their first day of school.

It Is Our Job To Embarrass Our Children

It is natural for us as parents to want to embarrass our kids. It almost seems to be in our nature. My parents did it, and I hated it. I still hate it to this day although not to the degree that I did in high school.

At some point in your child’s life, they will do whatever they can to avoid saying I love you, hugging, and kissing you. That won’t keep us as parents from doing those things, and one of the many lessons that our children will learn is that their classmates have parents who are all doing those exact things and their “image” in school won’t be hurt by giving their mother a two-armed hug.

Make It Special

First Day Of School

The first day of school is sort of like a birthday. It only happens one-time a year, and you only turn that age once. Unless you don’t pass, but let’s not think about that. You only go to kindergarten once, you only go to 1st grade once, you only start junior high once, and you are only a senior once. These days that we spend with our children are precious and every one of those first days of school is like writing a new chapter in a book. A book that you will keep with you to remember these days for years to come.

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