The more you show her how much you love her, the more that love will grow inside of you, and the more she will love you. 

5 Ways I Show My Wife I Love Her

It is no secret that I am deeply in love with my wife. I have made it known on multiple occasions. I have given her more credit for making me the man that I am today than I give myself. I still wonder to this day why she decided to marry me of all people. She could have had anyone, yet she still chose me.

I have a hard time expressing myself. I am slightly introverted and tend to hide behind a computer screen and leave it to the words that I am able to come up with. That is the best way I have figured out to express myself. It ends up being that I don’t have an easy time even telling my wife just how much I love her. Those words don’t come naturally to me.

Every time I start to think about telling her, I get butterflies in my stomach, my heart begins to beat faster and faster, and sweat forms on my eye brows. I can’t explain it either. She is my wife, why do I have such a hard time telling her that I love her? We have been married for what 8 or 9 years? I can’t exactly remember because it is just a number to me and honestly for however long we have been married it has been the best time of my life.

Even though I can’t seem to express my love for my wife through the spoken word, I have found that there are still ways that I can show her that I love her. Through little every day acts, I am able to show her just how much she means to me.

1. Do the dishes

This might not sound like much. This might actually sound on the lame side. 9 times out of 10 though, my wife is tasked with cuddling with the Rookie until he goes to sleep. As a result, she falls a sleep in bed with him usually after telling me that she would do the dishes since I made dinner. I’m not complaining. Single handedly she is the hardest working individual in the house. Unless you count the dog who actively works at getting me up at 2 am. But whether or not she has promised that she would do the dishes, I will do them for her before going to bed. It is just one small thing that I can do to make her life a bit easier.

2. Give her space

When you break up with your high school boyfriend or girlfriend they always say that they want their space. And when you were the one who was broken up with, giving that person space is probably one of the hardest things that you can give them. But when you are married, it takes on a whole different context. She gets home around 6pm and doesn’t get much time to decompress. My way of giving her that time is to take our son downstairs while she decompresses from the stresses of her day. This might mean that the time I get with her is limited but it is one way that I can show her that I love her by giving her the space that she needs to get a way from every day life.

3. Support her

Again a no brainer right? It goes deeper than just being there for her though. Just recently, my wife went through a difficult time where she felt like no one was there for her. She felt like she was failing not only me, but our son, and our unborn son that she was carrying. I knew that there was only way that she was going to make it through it. If I told her the harsh reality that she needed change. I was going to be there every step of the way no matter what that meant.

This even extends to when she went to law school over 3 years ago. I could have very easily said no because our life was pretty good at the moment. We both had steady jobs and were just starting our family and lives together. She wanted to change that. She wanted to be able to do something to make our families life better. That meant taking a hiatus on income for the next 3 years while she attended school. How could I say no to her wanting to pursue her dreams?

4. Get her sweet tarts

It’s all about the little things. Many times, when I go to the grocery store on a milk run, I come back with sweet tarts because it is her favorite candy. Just to show her that I was thinking about her. Sometimes I will come back with something even more extra like a pop from Sonic or leaving the house, without telling her, and coming back with ice cream. I can’t say this enough, but it is the little things that really count when you are showing your wife that you love her.

5. Expect nothing in return

Everything that I do, whether that is doing the dishes, mopping the floor, or cooking dinner, I do not expect anything in return. This is what marriage is all about. Whether this goes to doing the laundry, and even going to the point where I will fold the laundry, she doesn’t need to return any favors to me. She has already done so much for this family. I don’t hold any of these things against her when it comes time that many guys would want to “cash” them in. That is what love is all about. Doing things just because you love that person.

I give you all of these tips because there is one thing that I have learned as I have done them, it’s that I love my wife even more than the day that I married her. The more you show her how much you love her, the more that love will grow inside of you, and the more she will love you.

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