Part of me can’t believe this milestone… 600 blog posts. I never thought that I would ever reach 600 blog posts when I started all of this. What started out as just an outlet for me as a new dad 6 years ago, has turned into a passion of mine. Writing and telling stories of parenting to meeting some cool people along the way who have become good friends of mine.

The Rookie Dad is a place that I talked about the birth of our first born to how being laid off has made me a better employee. There have been so many stories that I have told, that you have read and I can not begin to express my gratitude. Especially for those of you who have stuck with me through these 600 posts

But part of me can believe it after everything that has come along this journey that has been parenting and blogging. As I mentioned, blogging has become a real passion of mine. A passion that I wasn’t aware of when I started this whole deal. It seems that with each passing posts I learn something new, not only about parenting but about writing and just being a person in general.

When I started this venture, I didn’t know just how thriving the dad community was. It still shocks me when I think about all of the organizations and communities that have come from fathers and particularly dad bloggers.

How Blogging

As I begin to reminisce about the past 600 posts, it is interesting the impact that blogging has had on different areas of my life. I never considered myself a writer until just a couple years ago when I started to focus on what I was writing. It has made me a better parent because it has given me that outlet that so many parents need. Blogging has made me a better person and husband as well.


Taking a macro look at how blogging has made me a better parent, one could say that being part of the dad community has had a positive impact on me as a parent. It has given me the opportunity to talk and ask questions of other parents who are going through the exact same thing.

On the micro level though, it has really made me start to internalize how my actions will effect the two kids that I am part of raising. It has made me stop and realize that some of the stupid things that I say and/or do will come back to haunt me. However, it has made me much more compassionate in the moments when our oldest curls up on the couch with me to watch an evening of baseball.

How Blogging
There are times when parenting gets the best of me.


This might seem rather simple and could really be a result of me getting older but it has really made me stop and think about how my words and actions will impact others. Maybe that is a result of being a parent whose words and actions directly impact the lives of my children. Blogging has really opened my mind to how others think and not shaming them for how they raise their children or run their lives.


There have been times that I go back and look at some of the earliest blog posts of mine, and I wonder what I was thinking. Some of that stuff is just down right awful. My wife will attest that in the beginning, I never really thought about what I was writing and how it would impact others (another reason I am a better person) and we had several arguments about something that I wrote. Let’s not forget to mention the grammar and punctuation… yeah, they were terrible as well. But, blogging has really made me start to look inside myself and really tell you the reader how I feel in a given situation.


I’m going to admit, I’m not the best husband. I have done my fair share of screwing up, but I’m pretty damn lucky to have the wife that I have. She sees past all of my screw ups and sees the person that is inside of me. Many of the things that I say are not meant to be hurtful, and sometimes my bluntness about a given topic will come across painful. She knows full well that I never intended for it to come across that way and continues to love me day in and day out. But blogging has made me take a look at my marriage and be the husband that my wife deserves. The husband who surprises her with Starbucks on my way home from work. Or will randomly pick up flowers from the grocery store and doesn’t feel ashamed about it.

The Rookie Dad and the Mrs.

Blogging over the last 6 years has become such a big part of my life that even once the kids get older and to the point when they do not want me to write about them anymore, I can see myself taking on a new challenge and writing about something different. Until then though, some fo their stories will be your stories.

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  1. Michael Smith April 6, 2017 at 7:32 AM

    Thanks for sharing your life as a dad. Not every dad gets it. Congratulations!


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