It has been a while since I have written to you. The last time I wrote you was around a year ago, and you had not been able to open your eyes to this beautiful world yet. I’m sorry for that. As your father I should be writing to you more, telling you all of the tales of what you are up to so that someday you can look back on this time and remember what it was like to be you.

However, lately, you have done something that I see as only the start of what is to come. You’ve begun to pull up on our furniture and just about everything.

It might not seem like much to you, even though you are incredibly proud of yourself when you do. But to me, this is just the start of you being free.

Soon you’ll be walking, running, driving, and starting a life of your own.

Letter To My Son


I’m not ready for this. I still want the cute, cuddly boy to hold in my arms as you fall asleep, and yes even at 2 am. There will be a time you will want me to be there for you, others you are going to want your old man to leave you alone.

As you start your walk into freedom, I do want to hand over some fatherly advice. You are the author of your life. Don’t let someone else decide for you what you will be in life. You and only you will be able to choose what story you write. You are writing your story today, unsure of where your story will take you tomorrow.

You know that it will be an incredible ride no matter what direction your story decides to go. When you fall down, you can tell that story, and yet that story will be better when you are able to write about how you were able to get right back up and try again.

Your story right now might seem very simple. All you do is eat, sleep, and poop. Don’t get me wrong, there are times you have some great stories from when you eat, heartwarming stories when your dad was watching you fall back to sleep after a 3 am feeding, and epic tales of poops that cleared a room. Eventually, your story will get more and more complex. You’ll be able to add in your sidekicks, foes, and a long lost love.

The one thing that I want you to take from this is to enjoy the ride of your story. I have no idea where it will take you. You don’t know where it will take you. But you can take it from me that your story will only get better with time. I look at the story that my life has written, and I don’t think I could have told it any better. I look at all the characters that are in it, your beautiful mother, your brother, and all of the supporting characters are there to make it great.

The only thing I ask of you is that you keep turning the page on your story. Keep trudging through to make those pages great no matter where you are going.

Here is to a new chapter!



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