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One of the hardest aspects of parenting is finding a moment of peace from the everyday chaos of raising your children. Let’s be honest, we love our kids but at the same time, we need to have the opportunity to have a moment to ourselves. As families start to gather for the holidays and bathroom space is scarce that means many immediate families are sharing bathrooms. 

For me, the time of being alone and peace is in the shower. I can get lost in my thoughts as I stare off into the abyss that is our early 2000’s tile. I often dream of pulling that tile off and doing something different, while I’m not exactly sure what I would do aesthetically yet, I want to do something different.  Add a few shelves so that my wife and I have enough room to store our separate shampoo and conditioners along with body washes, and my two… yes two face washes. 

The shower is the one place I thought I can go to not be bothered. That was until our 4-year-old decided it was a good time to practice using the one bathroom our immediate family will have when we visit their house for the holidays. I was running my shampoo through my hair, looking into that shower tile thinking about life when I hear the turning of the doorknob. We have a problem locking the bathroom door when it comes to either taking a shower or going to the bathroom. This would have been the easy solution to this problem but I wasn’t aware just how awful it would get. 

In walks my 4-year-old and says, “I need to use the bathroom.”

We have had a hard enough time potty training him already that we have told him that he could use whatever bathroom he wanted as long as he doesn’t have any accidents. That meant that in this moment, he would walk into the bathroom as I’m taking a shower and sit down on the toilet. 

I hear him straining and grunting when he says, “this is my bathroom daddy.”

I pull the curtain to the side and see him look into my eyes as they widen only meant one thing… he was pooping. 

“Um but I’m taking a shower and that means that right now this bathroom is mine,” I respond. Inside myself, I am hoping that maybe I am making some logical connection to my 4-year-old that I wanted some privacy. 

As he finishes I hear him flush the toilet and walk out the door slamming it closed. The first thing to cross my mind was that I hoped he wiped, which is a big step in parenting. I look up at our bathroom fan to realize that I had forgotten to turn it on and the steam from my hot shower, was clouding up the bathroom. I’ve been needing to fix it as it makes such a terrible noise when it’s running that I just didn’t want to hear the loud hum from it during the shower.

Suddenly, my nose is hit with the awful stench that my 4-year-old had left in our now hot and humid bathroom. I think to myself that this could have been all fixed if I had just locked the door and fixed our bathroom fan a year ago when it started to act up. 

Living with two boys, the smells that come from our bathroom are beyond description. I take pride in that I have taught them to both dutch oven. But this was the most epic dutch oven that one could pull on someone. Leaving behind the most awful hot, humid, poop smell that one could leave behind.

Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Spray covers up those embarrassing odors from Uncle Bob this holiday season.

This isn’t something that one would want to leave behind as families start to gather for the holidays. That’s where Air Wick’s V.I.P. Pre-Poop Spray is the perfect addition to the back of the toilet. Just spray in the toilet before you do your business and you won’t have to worry about walking out of the bathroom with the embarrassment of them knowing just what you did in the bathroom. 

I’ve stocked up on these. And I know these will become useful come holiday gatherings. Or if you have little ones who like to sneak into the bathroom while you are taking a shower like me, teach them to spray this into the toilet before they go, and maybe you won’t end up in a scenario like me.

Air Wick


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  1. Mitch December 22, 2020 at 10:36 AM

    Forget company, we need this now, just for us three guys living in a NY apartment. Checking where to buy now, thanks, you saved the holidays!

  2. The Bro Dad February 7, 2021 at 12:58 AM

    So awesome that you slipped in the fact you taught your sons to Dutch Oven. I also take pride in how proud my son (3) is of the nastiness of his dumps and farts. Potty training and potty humor go hand-in-hand, imho.


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