I look at each and every one of you, nod my head and can now affirmatively say, “we are in this together.” I hope that my apology to parents is accepted.

I want to issue an apology to parents.

No, I didn’t do anything wrong. Well ok, I might have, I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’m not fraud of a parent. I didn’t fib on a story just so that it sounds better (which I’ve done in the past but you are getting more of me than that right now).

I want to issue an apology to parents who have kids older than mine. If you were a parent before me, I’m sorry.

To the parents in a fast food restaurant that I judged for sitting there eating in peace while your child ran around screaming when I thought that you should be controlling your children. I realize now that those two minutes were everything to you. I’m sorry.

To the parent, I judged at the park who was just sitting there on their smartphone thumbing through Facebook when you should have been watching and/or playing with your child. I realize now that was your one time to be able to catch up with the world and have an adult conversation, even if the person you were talking to wasn’t sitting right there next to you. I’m sorry.

To the parent that took an hour to get out the door, and I thought that I could do it better than you. There is no way with two children, let alone one, that I could have made it out the door without having to run back in at least once to the diaper bag that I forgot. I’m sorry.

To the parent who was letting their child play on their cell phone while they were grocery shopping. I could not think of a better way to keep your child occupied so that you can pick out which bag of French Fries you are going to eat with your meal. Again I’m not judging because I have been there. I’m sorry.

To the parent who walked into Starbucks looking like they had just walked 40 miles through the desert in need of water. Coffee has become my lifeblood and has helped me make it through many mornings, just like the one you had. I’m sorry.

To the parent who told me that I had no clue how to be a parent of multiple children when I only had one. Sure I thought it would be a breeze, I was wrong. I’m sorry.

Apology to Parents

I look at each and every one of you, nod my head and can now affirmatively say, “we are in this together.”

I’m sorry I ever thought that this whole parenting thing was going to be easy. You were telling me it wasn’t going to be and I wasn’t listening. That was the 26-year-old me. It has been 6 years since I thought I was a better parent than you and my first child had just been born. I’m sorry for ever thinking that.

I am sorry that I thought I could handle the epic meltdowns in Target better than you could.

Please Accept My Apology To Parents

Please forgive the person who thought all of that. He was young and so… so naive. He didn’t quite understand the stresses that multiple nights of waking up 3 times would put on you. He didn’t understand that going to the bathroom undisturbed was no longer a right but a luxury. He never knew the joy that having an adult conversation at the dinner table would bring you.

That person didn’t understand the thing that kept you up at night more than a screaming infant was that you wanted to make sure that they were OK each and every moment of their young lives… even while they were sleeping. He never really understood why someone would cry watching their child leave the lunchroom for kindergarten roundup.

There were parents before me, and there will be parents after me. Many will be just like me and think that they have it all figured out but later down the road have an appreciation for the advice that the parents gave to them when they themselves weren’t listening.

At some point, we all realize that each and every parent are in this together. Much like that young, naive parent in me found out after 6 years. Raising the future of our world is not an easy task. No matter the state of our kitchen, our kid’s bedroom, the living room, our car, our hair, our beard, we are all in this strange thing called parenting together.

We will continue to work together to raise a future generation that is better than the one that we grew up in. No matter how hard things get, we know that there is a shoulder to lean on when our children are running around, and we are at our wit’s end.

We are right there with you. Fighting the good fight just like the parent who is walking into the hardware store with spit-up on their shirt. Watching you, not judging you, but sympothizing because we have all been there. When all hope is lost and you aren’t sure that you are going to be able to make it one more day with a screaming infant who won’t go to sleep, realize one thing: you, me, and every parent that has come before us are in this together.


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  1. thegoodbaddad January 24, 2017 at 1:07 PM

    So good – coming from a father of 5 that sees other dads making the same rookie mistakes and chuckles (sorry).

    By the way, my youngest is 1 and she is now begging at the supermarket check out for gum – gum with two teeth! So, even the most seasoned veterans struggle my friend.

    Winning is in the effort – and in the distance for now.

    1. The Rookie Dad January 24, 2017 at 1:16 PM

      Chuckle away! I don’t mind at all. I know we have all been there… or at least now I do. HA!


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