Are You Excited?

Dear Chipmunk,

We need to have a little talk.   OK maybe a talk about 2 different things.

First, you’ve been really demanding lately.  Why?  When I am on the laptop you crawl over, climb up on my leg, and try to play with the computer.  Dad will then take the laptop away and you will get fussy.  Do you have a technology addiction like your father? Wouldn’t surprise me.

Second, 3am this morning? Seriously? I know we are leaving on vacation tomorrow and that you are probably excited.  You see that big suitcase in your room that mom has packed for you, she was even willing enough to hand you the big suitcase that she normally uses!  I know I am excited, because I am finally get a vacation, yes we have had small ones here and there but this is a big one.

We’ve been dealing with some sleep issues lately with you.  You won’t lay down for a nap when you need it, all you will do is cry and hyperventilate.   Mom and I both think that you feel that there is so little time that you won’t get the see what all is going on and will miss out on something.  You get that from me, I used/still am like that.  Trust me however, if you do take a nap, you won’t be missing out on anything.  Both mom and I have decided, if you wake up at 3am and won’t go to sleep in the hotel, we are giving you to grandma and letting her deal with you! HAHA!

You’re learning to walk and very good at showing off your skills when mom and dad hold you.  You love to run and get very excited as you do it.  Maybe that is the secret to getting you to sleep, running you around until you are just worn out.

Can you give mom and dad just a couple nights of sleep? That is all we ask.


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