Full Disclosure: The Rookie Dad was provided a Freetime cloth diaper from BumGenius in exchange for this review, however the thoughts and opinions expressed in the review are my own. 

When I look back at pictures of the Rookie growing up as an infant, one of the things that stand out is a blue, green, yellow, or white diaper. It doesn’t look like most diapers. But a diaper none the less.

As I reach for a diaper now with Rookie #2, I see those same blue, green, yellow, and white diapers. We saved them and are reusing them. When you use cloth diapers, and you are unsure if you are done, you don’t throw those diapers out. That would be an expensive venture if you bought all new diapers each time you have a kid. It can also help save on cost for the second child.


You might look at the price and get some sticker shock, but I assure you, the math plays out. At $20 a diaper, you’ll spend roughly $500 depending on how many diapers you get. But If your child is in diapers for say at least a year (which is very VERY unlikely it is only a year) and you spend $20 a week on diapers that is $1040 a year. When you spend $500 on the diapers, you are saving close to $500.

This doesn’t even take into account if you save the diapers if you are anticipating having more children, which we knew was a possibility when we were done with our cloth diapers.


Times Change

Times change, even in just a matter of 5 years.

When we were doing cloth diapers for our Rookie #1, I am not going to lie, it took a lot of time. When we washed the diapers, we had to put the insert in and then fold the diaper or insert the insert before changing a diaper, which could take more time.

Part of what took up so much time were those inserts. We washed the diapers about 2 times a week and if you think about how much time you have to put into inserting the inserts, that is quite a bit of time. Time that being a parent I would have rather spent either out with the kids or even sleeping.

I can still remember the diapers that my parents used with me. The ones with the safety pins… yeah those. Honestly, if that were the way that they were today, we probably wouldn’t have gone the route of cloth diapers.

Bum Genius… Genius!


Then BumGenius lived up to the last part of their name, or heard my cries and came out with Bum Genius Freetime. A diaper that saved parents time by having the insert attached to the diaper itself. Since being introduced to the Freetime diaper, and having more free time because of it, we have gone all in on the Bum Genius Freetime. Just fold and put away, because what parent wants to do laundry all day right?

Many people look at us when we say that we are doing cloth diapers and think we are crazy. But when we tell them how much we are saving, and that it isn’t as hard as you think their ears perk up. BumGenius makes it easy and gives you about as much free time as you have as you do when you throw that costly disposable diaper away.

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