Can I Go To Bed Now?

Typical Sunday night, except for some odd reason I was into watching the Oscars. Why? I do not know, and if you must revoke my man card, I do not care. The Kid was playing really nicely in the living room as we watched.

It was about the time that the Kid normally goes to bed so we gave him his nightly bottle of sleep juice, which he did not want to snuggle as much as he normally does when he gets his nightly does of milk. No big deal, we just let him walk around finishing it off.

The Kid threw the bottle down and then went to playing with a ball and throwing it on the tile floor making a loud clanking noise every time it hit the floor. He played like that for about another 15 minutes, not showing us any signs the that he was tired.

Out of nowhere the Kid goes up to mommy and kisses her. He walks over to me and then kisses me and pulls away and says “Bye.” Then walks into his room and to his crib! He was ready to go to be right then.

© The Rookie Dad

If only it was always that easy to get him to go to sleep at night.


  1. thelifeofjamie February 27, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    NICE! I love it when my daughter asks to go to bed.


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