Full Disclosure: Chuck E. Cheese compensated me for this post however the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

It was early on a Saturday morning and everyone was sleeping. Or that was the thought I had as I laid there unable to sleep despite the kids not waking up after a long day of no school because of snow the day before. The excitement was palpable in our house. It was almost Christmas morning levels of excitement. 

They knew that on this morning, we would be going to Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, that’s right, we would be going to Chuck E. Cheese for breakfast. 

Chuck E. Cheese Breakfast

Almost on cue, at 7:45 am the alarm goes off, the bedroom door opens. As the kids creep closer to our bed, trying not to startle us awake, we kept our eyes closed trying to get some extra minutes of sleep before the exclamation of joy hit before our first morning cup of coffee. 

As we dragged ourselves out of bed, we remembered, this is breakfast, pajamas are appropriate attire right? And without changing, we loaded up the car and were on our way to Chuck E. Cheese… on a Saturday morning. 

It is a Chuck E. Cheese Breakfast

As we walked in the kids were mesmerized by the sheer number of games that were at their whim to play. On the other hand, I was in awe over the number of toppings that we could get on our breakfast pizza. It was that or I was trying to figure out if I wanted their cinnamon sticks, or if I wanted Cold Brew coffee or just a regular cup. 

Chuck E. Cheese for breakfast

The choices were too much! The kid in me was also wrestling with the decision to buy me a game card or not. 

“No this is for the kids.” my conscience was telling me. It was that and dealing with being a social media influencer who was carrying a camera trying to get the best shot within the store to best display and show off the offerings of the Chuck E. Cheese breakfast. Whether or not to buy a play card was a choice that was already made for me. 

When a restaurant known for its dinner menu picks up a breakfast menu, it is difficult to tell how it will be received. But as we sat there watching my kids play the games while we drank our coffee in peace (which rarely happens at home) I realized that Chuck E. Cheese might be onto something here. 

Not only are they offering a fun place for kids to get to play, and having pizza for breakfast is quite possibly the best way to eat pizza but they are offering a place for parents to start their mornings off on the right foot. 

Breakfast at Chuck E. Cheese

We don’t have to worry about kids constantly bothering us while we try to enjoy our first cup of coffee. All we needed to do was to buy them a play card and off they went. It never happens that way at home, usually, there is a fight over some toy in the mornings or our kids are in front of a TV watching mindless TV. 

At least at Chuck E. Cheese, they are up and moving around, and secretly, I was hoping that we would wear them out enough that they would end up taking a long afternoon nap. 

This whole Chuck E. Cheese breakfast is a win-win for parents, even if we have to wake up early on a Saturday morning. 

If you are interested in taking your kids to a Chuck E. Cheese breakfast, it is served on Saturdays from 8 am-10 am and the great thing is that kids can roll out of bed and go in their PJs. Their menu options are anywhere from $2-$4 and include breakfast pizza (DELICIOUS!), unicorn churros (we didn’t try but they looked awesome!) Cinnamon Roll Sticks (WONDERFUL!), and cold brew coffee along with fresh fruit. 

You won’t want to miss out on this because it is happening every Saturday for a limited time only. 

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