Sometimes I sit down and wonder how my parents did it. I don’t remember a calendar on our fridge with when my sister or I had a ball game or when had a school activity.

I’m sure that we had those conversations around the dinner table but how my parents remembered the busy schedule of two high school students is beyond me. It’s possible that maybe it was easier to have an actual dinner conversation rather than havng teenagers knee deep in a text with their friends.

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Difficulty of Being a Connected Family

As the oldest is entering first grade this year, I look back on our kindergarten experience and wonder myself how we made it through. There were playdates, baseball games, school fundraisers, all on top of making sure that our infant was getting to the places he needed to be, mostly doctors appointments.

Luckily for us, we have our smartphones. We can immediately connect to our calendars and send an invite to our spouse so that we do not forget an event. That is if we have included to remind us of said event. If not, we might not be alerted to a PTA fundraiser at the local sub sandwich restaurant causing an epic meltdown of our 1st grader who had his heart set on a ham and cheese sandwich.

Now with two kids, it makes it even more crucial for us to be a connected family when we are apart. Take the other day for example. I took our youngest to a doctor’s visit. I was able to relay all of the information that the doctor was giving to my wife via text. For us, this is an excellent way to be able to jot important notes down while letting the other person know what is going on. And in this case, easing the worry of my wife.

Making Mornings Easier

Staying a connected family was also vital during the morning routine. My wife would have to leave the house an hour before I would take the kids to school and daycare. There were times that she would make the kids lunch and wouldn’t tell me. But the moment my wife hops in her carpool she would shoot me a text letting me know that she made my morning easier.

Not only outside of the house do our smartphones keep us a connected as a family, but it also keeps us connected inside our own home. There have been times in the middle of the night when I’m downstairs crafting a story to tell you, my readers, that our youngest wakes up when I get a text from my wife asking for help with the baby.

Sharing Those Moments With Family

Let’s admit it, kids are funny. They say some of the darndest things too. To take another example from the other day, my son when talking about his weight said, “well at least I don’t weigh as much as dad, he weighs 300 pounds!” Now, let’s have some straight talk, I don’t weigh 300 lbs, subtract 100 pounds, and you are close… even then you might be guessing over the amount that I do weight.

Why do I tell you this story? And how does it make us feel like a connected family? Social media has made our world incredibly small, and very easy to stay connected with family and friends. Meaning, I couldn’t help but post some self-deprecating humor about myself on social media. Staying connected doesn’t mean that just my wife and I are connected, it means that even our extended family can connect to our immediate family. Grandparents can Facetime, and we can send those cute pictures to aunts and uncles showing how proud we are of our kids.


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