Contact The Rookie Dad

I know what you are thinking…

Why would I want to contact The Rookie Dad?

Well, to be honest, you’ll want to hear my latest dad joke for one. Secondly, I’m an all-around nice guy who loves to talk about anything from sports, to being a dad, the latest Netflix special, to my extreme dislike of Pentatonix, and how they have caused my new found receding hairline.

But the reality of it is that I love to hear from you. I love to hear if you like what I am doing here, or if you are with a brand who wants to work with a dad who has a unique way to connect with my engaged audience then, yeah I want to hear from you.

You could contact The Rookie Dad through the contact form below… but that’s boring right? You could also email me (if the link doesn’t work my email is because I get as excited about getting emails from followers as I do a handwritten letter in the mail, OR you could contact me through any of my social media channels. Don’t worry, I have made it really simple for you to find me across any social media platform by just searching for The Rookie Dad.

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