There was a time… last week… when I had four eyes. You heard me right. Not two eyes…

Four eyes

good hair
If you look closely enough, you will be able to tell just how bad my eyes are by looking at the outside edges of the lenses.

I wasn’t some alien life form last week. Although if you saw me you might have thought that. It was really because of my own stupidity that I looked that way in the first place.

During our recent move, I was cutting up a table top that we no longer needed and in my attempt at being Tim, The Tool Man, Taylor, I decided it might be a good idea not to use eye protection.

If there is any piece of advice that I can give you, wear eye protection when using a saw.

Anyway, I burst a blood vessel in my eye causing it to swell. In the end I was in my glasses for a three weeks.

Now, if you could see me in my glasses you could easily tell just how bad my eyes are. It looks like I have bottle caps for eyes… seriously.

That is where Dove Men+Care comes into play. They must have known just how self-conscious I was during this three week period because there was at least one thing I could count on from there.

At least I had good hair.

dove mens+care hair line
To see my entire line of Dove Men+Care products that I use check it out here.

I am kind of a snob when it comes to hair products. I’ve tested some expensive brands and then in an attempt to save some money I’ve tried out some cheap brands.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the Dove Men+Care line of hair care products. Since trying it out I have become a big fan of hair paste. Even with my short hair it gives it some bounce and control that I never thought my hair could have.

I know that men in general (not all men) don’t like talking about their hair. It isn’t too many products that can give one man… with four eyes… the confidence he needs to tackle the honey-do list like I had that one fateful day in August.

Full Disclosure: Dove Men+Care did provide product samples to review but the review is my own and not influenced by Dove.

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