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I’d like to preface this by saying that I am going to save you a picture of the inside of our garage. It’s a mess and many times when I venture out to find a simple screwdriver, I trip over a baseball bat, bike, or soccer net that hasn’t been put away.

If one can curse, scream in pain, and laugh all at the same time, I’ve done it as I look for that screwdriver to put batteries into my 2-year-old’s toy that needs its batteries changed… RIGHT NOW.

The first two in that sequence is a natural reaction, but I had to laugh about stepping on a water gun. And even though we told our 8-year-old that 40 degrees is not a suitable temperature to have a water gun fight and to put the water gun away, my son wasn’t listening and left it right there in my line for the screwdriver.

But despite the sheer number of toys that we have in our garage, it never seems to be enough. Not so much for my kids, but for me. I roll my eyes when they want a skateboard, a new scooter, or even a new motorized kids vehicle.

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You know those ones that give kids a new sense of freedom? It must be something about stepping behind the wheel of a battery-powered plastic car that makes them believe they have more freedom than riding the bike up and down the street. With every trip to the local sporting goods store, we would have to make a stop by them so that they could walk through and pick one out. Then haggle with us like we are some used car salesman only for them to come out unable to afford the loan.

But one night this past week, I’m scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, trying to think about what would be something that my kids could both enjoy. What would be that one thing that would get them away from the screens and outside even more than we already are?

Having spent many an hour trying to negotiate the price of a battery-powered vehicle, I knew the amount of them well. So, scrolling through when I saw one for $100, I knew that it was the deal that I was looking for.

Having never used Facebook Marketplace before, only having heard about it, I had no clue how it worked. I hit the ‘Ask For Details’ button and in four seconds a “Is this still Available?” message was sent to the seller through Facebook Messenger.

I woke up the next day with a message from the seller that it was still available, and we quickly planned for me to drive and pick it up.

As I drove home, I couldn’t help but smile. I knew the moment we pulled it out of the car for that first ride and my two boys would give me a giant hug. My feet would start to hurt realizing I would have one more thing to step over, but I could relax knowing that there is yet another reason that they would like to go and play outside.

Facebook Marketplace

I’d also like to note that since our positive experience using Facebook Marketplace, it has us looking around the house to see if there is anything, we could sell on it ourselves so we could have some extra spending money for a much-needed date night. Maybe we have something that would be that one present a parent is hoping to give their children this holiday season.

But here is what I felt was neat about using Facebook Marketplace: I didn’t have to download another app from my phone. Everything was done through Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Not only that, but you are able to save searches so that it is easier so that you can get alerts when something pops up that in your area that you are looking for.

Have you used Facebook Marketplace before?

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