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How do you balance work and personal life?  Lately, this has it has been something that I have been struggling with.

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Without getting into everything that has been going on at work, let me just say that it has been extremely busy and I haven’t even been able to stop and go to the bathroom.   We’ve had plane crashes and people dieing so naturally as a news organization we flock to the story.  The result is no time to eat lunch and when I get home I am exhausted.  Which is part of the reason why my blog has gone on the back burner lately.

When I got into the news industry I knew there would be days/weeks like this.  This was way before I met Hot Mama and then eventually had the chipmunk.   Now priorities have changed, I am a family oriented man.  I work on both days of the weekend and then also two evenings during the week.  I don’t get to spend a whole lot of time with both Hot Mama and the chipmunk at the same time.  It is usually just times in the evenings and we don’t have the time to do other things as a family.  So when I work a lot on and overtime on the weekend, I get kind of upset because it takes away time from my family.   Being a workaholic like this comes with the business however.

So then when I come home from a long day at work, it is difficult to want to get down and play with the chipmunk.  However, knowing that Hot Mama has spent all day with him gives me the energy to wrestle with him knowing how difficult and how much energy it takes out of a person dealing with a 10 month old.

So here is my latest struggle, I’m exhausted.   Yes, the chipmunk is sleeping through the night so I am getting more sleep.  Sleep is not an issue.  I’m just flat out worn out, simple as that.   How do you parents handle working full time and coming home and then turning into a parent right away?


  1. mamamash August 29, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    This is something my husband is dealing with as well, and I really should sit down and talk with him about it. There has to be a break for him, I know. I try to have dinner ready when he walks in the door so he has that time to relax, but our son waits for him at the door and really, really wants “daddy time.”

    1. therookiedad August 29, 2011 at 8:35 AM

      Yeah it is difficult. I do want to make sure that Hot Mama knows that there is no resentment towards her because I understand the amount of stress she is under right now.

      But when I come home the chipmunk gets this big huge smile and crawls over towards me and wants to play. Being a parent there really isn’t a whole lot of time to just relax.

  2. thelifeofjamie August 29, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    I think you need to either do something before you come home (like go to the gym or to a library to relax) or when you come home, make sure you kiss eeryone hello first, and then take about 20 minutes to decompress before you go play. We have the same problem, my husband works 24 at a time, and then comes home first thing in the morning with a laundry list of things he thinks he needs to do. We often get shoved to the wayside. I made it clear that he needs to address us when he walks in the door. Then I give him 20 minutes before I start harping on him 🙂

    1. therookiedad August 29, 2011 at 9:34 AM

      Hot Mama doesn’t harp at me that is not it. I just personally feel the need to take the chipmunk of her hands as soon as I walk in the door.

  3. Ahin Chakraborty August 29, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    You have touched on something that is very important for men who are fathers.
    All parents, mom or dad, needs to take time to re-charge. I work full time and wear many hats, but, when I come home from work I make sure that after I change from my work attire I get down on the floor and play with my two year old son, who has more energy at that point than me. This isn’t something that happened overnight, I grew into it. It is a matter or priority. I have come to realize that many of the things that I used to do has to be on the back burner for now as I raise a boy to become a man.
    However, relaxing and re-charging is important. So, for personal relaxation time, both my wife and I have a scheduled morning or afternoon off each week. I take 2 to 3 hours each Sunday afternoon and relax.
    I am going to write a post about this, you have inspired me.

  4. DadvsKids September 3, 2011 at 12:33 AM

    That’s been a tough one for me too. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten into the habit of staying up too late getting some time to unwind. But even after a long day of working, how do you not jump in as a parent, especially when the kids waited all day to see you. It can be very tiring at times!

    1. therookiedad September 3, 2011 at 1:19 PM

      I agree. When I come home I want to get down and play with the chipmunk. But it is exhausting.


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