Family Time

Family time is something that I really enjoy. I have mentioned this before and will probably mention it atleast 3 or 4 more times throughout the life of this blog, but my family and the family time I get is the most important thing to me.

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I would not trade my family unit for anyone/anything else. Spending time in the backyard working on our garden, playing on his slide, running around chasing baseballs from his tee-ball, the time that he sat down in the grass like mom and dad and tried to cross his legs exactly like mom and dad. All of this I enjoy. There is one thing I have noticed though…

Where is the time for mom and dad to spend doing the things that they enjoy?  I enjoy fishing, photography, camping, watching and playing sports. I know that Mrs. Rookie Dad enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with friends. Now that we have the Rookie, he comes with us to all the stuff that we consider our hobbies.

The Rookie is too young to be taught any of the things that Mrs. Rookie Dad and I consider to be our hobby but he is there. Do not take this the wrong way, I want to teach my son these things. As a father, there is a learning curve with this, we have become accustomed to being able to do the things that we do to “get away from it all” either by ourselves or with the wife and now we have a child in tow. He is watching everything that you do and taking it all in. A child learns so quickly, and by the time you know it, they are doing the exact thing you were doing 3 seconds ago.

The learning curve will be how do I or Mrs. Rookie Dad “get away” from it all with the Kid in hand.

As the Kid gets older I am looking forward to teaching him these things that I enjoy.

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