One of the things that I wanted to achieve this year was balance. It was one of my New Year’s Resolutions. But here is the strange thing about balance, to achieve to it, you have to have balance already.

It seems though that the moment you start to gain balance something appears to knock you off. Take my recent lay-off. I was cruising along in my career. I was just starting to feel like I was getting somewhere at work, I felt like my work-life balance was great, and I was able to keep up with this whole blogging thing while I was at it.

Suddenly, I was thrown into a familiar yet very unfamiliar territory. I was once again at home, with my son. I had been there once before around three years ago. In the same situation, laid-off and looking for my next career move. Then, it took me a while to be able to achieve the balance that I was looking for as a stay-at-home dad. Looking for jobs during naptime, and spending time at the park with my kid and the other parent who was able to stay at home with his child. I had just attended my first Kansas City Dads Group playgroup, and I felt like I was starting to become a natural at this whole staying at home gig.

Balance - Cheerios Challenge
Life is all about balance

But as soon as I was balancing everything three years ago, my life was thrown off balance again. I quickly found myself back working 40 hours a week. I had a great job, and it felt like my dream job. I could see the impact of my job at the time on my son. He thought it was cool that I worked at a TV station that he watched every day and I enjoyed sitting down every morning watching his favorite kids shows.

I continued to work the next three years, but finding my balance in life became more difficult. It seemed that my oldest son was growing up too fast, my wife was getting ready to graduate law school and study for the bar exam. My life was about to get busier because her entire focus had to go to that, or our family balance was in the balance would be thrown off if she didn’t pass. These last three years hung in the balance of that one test. We were in a balancing act as we were attempting to make our lives more balanced.

Balance - Cheerios Challenge.jpg
No matter where you are in life, it is all about finding that balance

She passed, but just as quickly, we decided to sell our home and start a new life closer to her career. No sooner had we moved into our dream home, did we find out we were pregnant with our youngest son. Again throwing our life off balance once again.

Our youngest son is just about to be one-year-old, and for the brief period of his life that I was working, it seemed that we were balancing everything just fine. Until it was announced that I would be out of a job.

To the average television viewer, you might not even notice. Because in reality, our family hasn’t skipped a beat. We have been there before, and we knew everything that we had to do. I immediately stayed home, did everything necessary that I needed to do to get a jump on the job market, and our family kept chugging along.

It might seem that my life currently hangs in the balance, mostly of the companies that I have interviewed at. I’m doing whatever I can to make sure that I do not let myself get down, or thrown too far off course from the things that I had built outside of my job: my family, my hobbies, including this blog.

The Cheerios Challenge had just kicked off a year ago when our youngest was born… a time when our life had been thrown off balance. A year later, it is back, at a time when my life is thrown off balance. Much like the Cheerios that we have been stacking over the last few days, it seems as though they represent our lives in the sense that as quickly as you can build a sky-high stack, it can come falling… quickly. Or in the case of my youngest, eating a stake of Cheerios is more fun than stacking them.

But like many of us, what matters the most is that we pick either the Cheerios, a friend, a family member, or ourselves back up and continue building.

With that in mind, I ask you to join me in our Cheerios together. Show us your Cheerios stack by tagging your photos on social media with #cheerioschallenge.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Cheerios. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

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