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The hardest part of being a parent is finding a moment to take to ourselves. It seems that every day we are at the mercy of kids who are in constant need of our attention. And those moments that we do find time to just lay down on our couch and turn on some TV, it never fails that our kids come down and either needs us for some reason or are so loud we can’t hear ourselves think. 

Bose Frames Alto

We all have our own ways to zone out in today’s ever-busy world. For me, as long as there is some form of music playing in the background that I can focus on, it feels like our home is in a better state of mind. But when I have had enough and take my kids to a park just so I don’t have to hear them playing with their toys as loud as they can, I still have a hard time to zone out while keeping an eye and ear on them. 

Bose Frames Alto

Since music is such an important part of my life, I’m always looking for a great pair of headphones to listen to it. But when I’m out with the kids it’s hard to keep my headphones on while trying to keep an ear out if they need me. I don’t want to be constantly pulling a pair of headphones or buds away from my ears just to make sure that it isn’t my kid crying. 


The new Bose Frames!

Bose Frames Alto

That’s when the Bose Frames come in. These sunglasses available at Best Buy are a new way to listen with the open ear audio design. This allows me to listen to my favorite podcast while still able to keep an ear to the kids as they play at the playground or outside while I work on cleaning out the french fries that they have somehow managed to throw onto the floorboard of my car.  After listening to these frames for a couple of weeks, they deliver a superb sound that you expect from Bose and unbelievable clarity while all being able to stay tuned into the outside world. 

I can only imagine what it will be like this summer to use the lenses in the Bose Frames when hanging out at the pool. The frames block up to 99% of the UVA/UVB rays and the lenses are shatter and scratch proof.  Just imagine for a minute laying out poolside with these shades on while listening to your favorite music AND keeping an ear to your kids. 

Bose Frames Alto

Now one of the features that I love as a parent is the access to Google Assistant to be able to make and receive calls. Too many times I have been carrying out groceries in one hand while holding my youngest in the other and feel the phone vibrate and ring in my pocket. 

Bose Frames Alto

You can choose between three different styles, all of which have gold plated accent hinges. The Alto is a classic angular look that is available in a small and large size. The Rondo has rounded lenses and has a smaller fit. All three are comfortable for all-day wear while the form factor allows for you to remain socially available without the “Don’t talk to me.” message look that headphones give out. 

Bose Frames Rondo

To be honest, these are my go-to lenses to wear even in the car. They offer just enough protection and fit phenomenally even while not listen to anything. The great thing is that I can go from my car to the Bose Frames nearly seamlessly when I get out of my car and get ready for the day’s adventures ahead.

Bose Frames Alto

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