Life with two boys is nothing but excitement, adventure and running around the house making sure that one mess is cleaned up only for them to make another one and loading up the car for the inevitable next ER visit.

The other certainty that you can count on is that it’s always going to be a constant battle to take a good picture that you are OK with sharing on social media. There is something about the camera that as soon as I point it in the direction of my son, he immediately feels the need to either stick out his tongue or make some goofy face ruining what could be a great picture.


It never fails, when one of the children is at their best, the other doesn’t want their picture taken, and you’d be hard pressed to get them both to take a good snap together.


And then there are times that the picture, even with the goofy face, would have been a great picture. Then you look and realize that he didn’t wash his face after dinner like we had asked him to, not just once, but twice.


With two boys, getting a family picture is hard enough. When the setting is right, it seems as though one of them doesn’t want to cooperate or the other one who is sitting there looking cuter than a button has blue lips.


There is one thing though that living with two boys has taught me: persistence. These boys will do whatever they can do NOT to clean up their rooms. They will find something they don’t like about dinner to complain about so they don’t have to eat. They’ll inevitably figure out some reason why they don’t want to lay down for an afternoon nap.

Day in and day out, they’ll keep fighting the same things that they fought for the day before. The outcome seems to be a distant memory, much like these pictures every time I pick up my camera. I keep pushing through and scrolling across the countless images that I took at a given time, wishing, and hoping that I will eventually stumble upon one that I can’t help but smile at – seeing the love of a mother and child.


Or seeing a big brother teach his little brother the art of hitting in the front yard.


And a set of pictures that epitomizes the joy of being at a pool, even if it’s in the backyard of grandma’s house, during the summer.


All of those faces be it dirty, silly, no flash photography dad, pure joy, and sentimental are all the moments that life with two boys revolves around. They are moments that will forever be remembered. As parents, they are going to be the pictures that we show our children when they are older than their children really are not all that different then they are.

Occasionally, there is that moment you are able to capture what life with two boys is like. Full of adventure and exploration. A picture that isn’t so much about the silly faces that the boys are making or how dirty they might be. A moment that focuses on what is in front of us and not behind us.


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