Home - The Rookie DadThere is a small town in southwestern Kansas, a farming community, full of natural gas… and depending on who you talk to, a new parent might actually say the gas that most of us think of. In that small Kansas town, there is a little 3 bedroom brick house.

That brick house used to have an orange car sitting out front. A car that didn’t move very much, but if you would drive by on a given weekend you would see a little 8 year old boy sitting on top of it washing and caring for it like it would be his future car in high school… that is if they could ever get it running and if he figured out how to drive a manual.

It was this street in the small Kansas community, that this 8 year old boy along with the neighbor kids ruled. The kids rode bikes up and down the street and played baseball games in the field out back. There was a tree down the block that was the clubhouse of those neighborhood kids. You could count on one of the area kids playing in that tree at any point during the day. It was perfect for climbing.

The street didn’t change much through out the years, except that the kids who ran the street, started to drive cars. And eventually, the kids who grew up on that street, graduated, went to college, and moved to start their lives. Even after getting married, the kid who grew up in that small town, in that small red brick house, has only been home once.

That kid, has never looked back. It has been close to 13 years since living in that small town that he grew up in. Since moving to the big city, he has never really given that small western Kansas town much thought, except that it is where he grew up. It was then on the phone with his mother that he realized that his childhood home, the home he lived in for 18 years will no longer be… home.

Over the next few days as he thought about what it meant that he would no longer be able to go, home, he started to think about where he was in life. Realizing that he has moved to a bigger city, a much bigger city, Kansas City to be exact, and that at some point his parents had to set down roots somewhere. They set roots down in that small western Kansas town.

Even though he will still call that town home, he has started to do just what his parents have done, setting up roots of his own in Kansas City. He has started a family, bought a house that his two kids will call home, climb the tree out back, run with the neighborhood kids in the street, and even started to root for the local sports team (even though he has said he never would).

That western Kansas town will always be in that kids heart, but for many reasons, Kansas City has stolen the heart of that kid.


  1. Zoie June 13, 2016 at 5:19 AM

    It looks as if the proverb “Home is where the heart is” is a sentiment that is more important to native English speakers than to native French speakers! This just shows the dangers of translating language snippets that are perhaps more cultural than linguistic.


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