How Do You Shave Time and Shave Money?

Let me tell you something, time and money are the biggest things that stress me out. There is not enough of either time or money. When I have money to spend, I don’t have time to spend it. When I have time, I don’t have money to spend. It’s a vicious cycle. That is why I am always out to find ways to shave time and shave money.

When Mrs. Rookie Dad and I started to look at our budget and find places where we could shave some money, we found out that we were paying $120 a month for cable. We started to look at the savings we would have if we cut the cord. By cutting the cord we are able shave $1500 a year in our budget. We aren’t missing out on much because we still have Netflix and we have an over-the-air antenna that we are still able to pick up broadcast stations.

When we cut the cord on cable as mentioned above, we discovered just how much mindless TV we watch.  By shaving the time we spend watching TV together brought our family closer.  We would spend more time outside together, playing board games, or doing some sort of activity together.

If you look at your weekly grocery receipt to see how much you are spending, you will see that a good chunk is spent on laundry detergent. We were roughly spending about $20 a month on laundry detergent. Being the frugal wife that she is, Mrs. Rookie Dad found a home made laundry detergent recipe that the Dugger family uses. We end up spending $10 to make a 5 gallon bucket of the detergent and it ends up lasting us an entire year.

Are you still with me because here is why I keep saying the word shave?

Looking for other areas to shave some money, I found out that I was spending another $20 a month on razor blades. Because of the rising cost of razor blades I would try and have my blades last me longer than I should have resulting in basically ripping my face to shreds. When I found the Dollar Shave Club, I found out that I could spend WAY less on razor blades a month than I was currently paying. Not only that, but it shaves time while I am in grocery store because I do not have to go and spend time looking for my blades because they mail them to you on a monthly basis.  I will be honest, these are some of the best blades that I have used.  It is such an easy service, just sign up, pick your blades, and next thing you know you have 4 new blades waiting for you to use.  Not to mention, some creative marketing on their part with the Bathroom Times.

Shave Time and Shave Money - The Rookie Dad


By now you are probably screaming at me to stop saying the word shave.  I’m almost done, I swear! You probably still aren’t reading this anyway.

Finding the places where you can both shave time and shave money is difficult. It was something that Mrs. Rookie Dad and I had to do because we realize that our spending was out of control and we weren’t spending time with the Kid as much. Not that we weren’t spending any time with him in the first place, but we knew there were areas that we could spend more time with him and there were areas we could really stretch our budget.  Whether that is from creating our own laundry detergent or by buying razor blades online. Honestly, if you looked at the places where you could shave time and money what do you think that you would do with the extra time and money that you would have?

By the way if you are interested in joining Dollar Shave Club just head over to join!

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  1. tfun2662 July 21, 2014 at 8:16 AM

    Thanks to you a long time ago I joined the shave club and love it! I understand about saving money. I am always on the hunt for a deal and it’s true that when you save time and money it brings you and for family closer. Great post! #DadsUnite

  2. weekendparent1 July 23, 2014 at 7:34 PM

    WOW! Please can someone make this service appear the UK? Blades over here are just as expensive, and usually shopping for them involves having to get somebody remove them from a security counter.


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