If I were to tell you that my appreciation and passion for coffee began at an early age would you believe me? When I say early, I mean like teenage year early. 

The story starts when a teenage boy, had braces and wore shorts to school with is was too cold to wear them. Much like any teenage boy now. But the difference with this boy was that he looked for coffee for comfort. Not so much the comfort that he seeks in coffee today. When his teeth were in pain due to the braces forming them into a straight line coffee helped soothe the pain. 

People thought he was crazy at the time, but that is how he found his comfort. The boy had no idea how this worked. Tea or any other form of hot beverage didn’t cut it, coffee is what helped ease the pain. Once those braces were unglued, he stopped drinking coffee. A year later though after not following the dentist’s orders, he was back in braces.

Once again, seeking comfort in coffee.

Eventually, those braces came off and coffee was but a memory to him. What he didn’t realize was that some 10 years later, he would fall in love with the girl. This girl, he would eventually marry and this love for coffee would reignite thanks to her. 

Early on while dating, this school teacher and overnight news photographer had vastly different schedules. The teacher worked 8 to whenever she was done grading homework and getting done prepping lesson plans. The news photographer would work from 11 pm to whenever the morning show live shots were done. It seemed that this relationship was doomed from the beginning. 

They had to find some way to spend time together with their opposite schedules. Starbucks was that place. A nice cozy corner where the boy would drink his Pike Place no room for cream or sugar. The girl and her Grande Mocha. Eventually, the baristas would learn their names. Comments would be made at how cute this was that this couple came in every night.

Passion for Coffee

To impress this girl, even more, this boy outfitted his new apartment with a coffee maker. He knew just how important it was to keep this relationship alive. He took it home remembering just enough to make it work and brew. What he made then, today can only be called a tar-like substance that he once called “coffee.” 

To be honest, the two didn’t spend much time in his apartment. Most of their time together was spent at her place or at a local Starbucks. The coffee maker was there as a reminder of just how special this relationship was. 

This love was brewing into something more. 

Eventually, the boy would ask this girl to marry him. He was (and still is) completely infatuated with her. As the two started to plan their wedding, one thing was certain, this passion for coffee had to be involved in some way shape or form. 

And it was, in the form of beans in the centerpieces. To both of them if felt odd that they would buy coffee beans, not to grind and brew them. Only to put them in something that we would eventually just be thrown away. The immediate family knew the importance of those beans in the glass containers sitting in the middle of the tables. 

Both of them knew that there had to be more though. On their way to the reception tux and wedding gown on, they walked into the Starbucks they fell in love at and ordered the drinks that they always ordered. The barista smiled. They could tell how special this moment was for the two of them. Coffee was on the house that night. 

Driving to the reception, coffee in hand, the two smiled, knowing that this was just the start. The DJ announced the new couple and they walked into the reception hall greeting by applause. Those Starbucks drinks in hand. 

Coffee is how it all started. 

Throughout the years, the two made sure every morning to have a cup of coffee. For the boy, it was always more than one. Occasionally his wife would wonder who drank all of the coffee. The boy would look at the family dog and blame it on her. 

The two would eventually buy a house, and a new coffee maker, replacing the one the boy bought to impress the girl. The need to impress her was no longer needed. He always felt that he should, surprising her with flowers and coming home from work with Starbucks after she had a long day teaching. 

The boy was starting to get so good at making the coffee that the family would start to comment. When family would come to visit, she would ask if the family wanted coffee, and they would say, “Only if your husband makes it.” He knew how many ground beans should be put in, he knew just the right setting on the coffee maker.

He had a special touch.

A passion for coffee was blooming.

Once kids entered the picture, coffee became even more important to the two of them. Many long sleepless nights with the kids waking up meant that caffeine needed to come in abundance. This meant the two would buy coffee in bulk at Costco much like they would the diapers their kids needed.

As their kids grew older, they started to enjoy an routine stop at a Starbucks on Fridays after school to pick up a hot chocolate for their oldest, an Apple Juice box for the youngest, an Iced Coffee with Almond Milk Sweetened for the girl, and whatever seasonal beverage had become the favorite at the time for the boy. 

It was too long after that when the boy started to experiment in his kitchen. He had a french press and a bag from a local roaster, The Roasterie in Kansas City. He knew he had to start experimenting with his passion for coffee.

Passion for Coffee

He started to notice was how much different the coffee tasted from their morning Folgers from their drip coffee maker. He felt as though this coffee tasted better, fresher, smoother, and didn’t give him the bitter coffee face that the morning drip coffee brought to his face. 

Making coffee was something he really started to enjoy in the evening.

He eventually found a blend that both he and the wife could agree on. One that didn’t taste too bitter when she added her creamer to it and was smooth enough to drink black. And as quickly as an evening cup had become a routine, he mixed it up. 

He bought a gooseneck kettle after watching some YouTube videos about how pour-over coffee makes some of the best coffee you can have. 

His passion for coffee led to him on a search for the perfect cup.

His adventure to find the perfect cup of coffee starts here. The perfect method to create great coffee within the time constraints of being a parent to two kids. The perfect blend that tastes just as good as a black cup of coffee while also mixed with a little bit of peppermint creamer, just how his wife takes her coffee. 

Won’t you join me on this journey? 

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